LEDs are the 21st Century Solution to these Five Major Problems!

LEDs are the 21st Century Solution to these Five Major Problems!

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is becoming one of the best solutions for lighting at a rapid pace. Its rising popularity is due to the basic reasons, its energy efficiency, and its long lifespan. They survive at least -10 times better than the best alternative technology, and give way to a very high quality of light with an extensive range of characteristics.

They are smaller on the size, steady lights, and are not faced with the common recycling issues. The only remotely near disadvantage that you could consider is maybe the cost factor. They aren’t exactly cheapest in the market, but they are worth the investment, that’s for sure.

With LED lighting solutions, it’s basically you get what you pay for. They help to make any space illuminated quite well, which helps to make any remote or empty area, safe and welcoming. They are energy efficient — so, they don’t burn your pockets even after being on from dusk to dawn. And along with all that, their long lifespan helps you to avoid the labour — as well as the cost — of changing bulbs on a routinely basis.

So, it’s a really sensible and worthy investment if you decide to go for commercialled outdoor lighting. Oakley Electrical Contractors Ltd. is one of the most reputed electrical contractors and is your go-to place regarding all electrical requirements. Whether it’s regarding your domestic, commercial, agricultural, or industrial sector electrical needs, they will come to your rescue with the latest technologies and best prices.

The five main reasons which make it a must for you to install LED lights:

LEDs were earlier used only as indicator lights; but now, they are being used more and more in the forms of indoor, outdoor as well as decorative lighting. Their growing popularity is due to the fact that they are people-pleasing, energy-efficient lights at a fraction of the expense of CFL, fluorescent light bulbs etc. It’s also one of the most environmentally-friendly, as they don’t contain toxic materials like mercury, and also helps to reduce carbon emissions. So, call up any efficient electrician in Cwmbran and switch to LED lights today.


LEDs require far less energy than other lighting technologies, as they draw in much lesser electricity than fluorescents or halogens. They lose out on only 5% of the generated energy in the form of heat, and the rest 95% is converted into light. So, you get more light for the same energy and price. Also, they emit much lesser heat and are very unlikely to get overheated, making them a safer choice.


Unlike other lighting counterparts such as CFL’s and fluorescents, LEDs don’t contain highly toxic stuff like mercury. This helps to produce much lesser toxic waste when the bulbs are disposed of later on. Also, because they last for such a long time span, using LEDs implies lesser waste generation. They significantly lower your carbon footprints.


Till some time back, LEDs were out of the budget of most consumers. But now, they are reaching a more affordable price point, and you are lucky to receive LED technology at the cost of traditional bulbs. Also, their energy-saving nature slashes down your bills, and you end up saving money. Sweet, isn’t it?


LED bulbs and diodes have a super long-lasting life reaching up to a maximum of 200,000 hours. They generally last up to 25 times more than that of a halogen and three times more than a CFL. Actually, the absence of filaments or glass bulbs owes to its durability.


LEDs don’t generally just stop working one fine day/night like regular bulbs. And they simply don’t require any maintenance. This, in turn, helps you to save money on servicing and repairs.

So, these were some of the main problem areas of regular bulbs, halogens, or fluorescents which have been solved by our heroic LEDs. They take care of it all and provide you with excellent reasons to switch over to them.


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