Latest Trends In Educational Technology

For most of us, it is nothing short of an amazing fact that the funding for educational technology is expected to reach $19 billion by the year 2018.   

From our observation, there are quite a few exciting trends that might reshape the face of education technology in the near future. 

The below trends would be the ones we need to watch out as they have a real positive impact in the domain of education.

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Learning Online  

There are a large number of resources available online that caters to the users of this information ranging from administrators to students. If the students which to do extensive research or study outside their class hours, the necessary content for learning like the ones found in NCERT Books could be sourced in customized format irrespective of the time or date limitations.  

Combined Learning Technology  

Latest approaches to learning like maker education, project-based learning, and game-based learning could be combined with tutor-based learning or personal learning by educators nowadays. To customize the learning models, this array of options would help the students and tutors immensely.  

Better Mobility with Better Devices  

Most students are fond of gadgets and devices and are more than ready to use them in schools. The benefits of using these devices include research, homework, and collaboration. The impact on the field of education would be higher mainly when a lot of newly added features like virtual reality, notifications on marking location and voice control, etc get added to the list of features for these devices. The features in devices have improved to such a level that even students learning disabilities and special needs are benefitted to a large extent.  

Introduction of flipped classrooms and videos  

Flipped classrooms have been the latest addition to the stream of education delivering methods. There would be a swap in places between the class instruction and time for homework. The assignments or homework is done in the classroom whereas the class-based instruction happens at home using screencasts with narration using video. Doing the assignments like Types of Soil would result in better rapport among the tutor and student that would help in improving critical thinking, creativity, and solving problems.  

Those assignments then benefit from meaningful teacher interaction and student collaboration, thus increasing the opportunity for creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.  

Revamping the classroom concept  

The introduction of technology to the learning domain would transform the conventional classrooms into digitally-enabled ones owing to the mixing of education with technology as the addition. In the coming days, it would be nearly impossible where students and tutors would not to be connected using online devices.  

Thus from the above discussion, one could state that the above technological trends would reshape the face of learning and education in the days to come.


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