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There is every reason for the Galaxy S7 fans to cheer about. In terms of specifications, the product is already a trendsetter, and making fans go even gaga, the company has reportedly now decided for an earlier release in January. 

The other way to take a gaze at the release day for a tech device is, a day when finally rumour mill stops its production. However, some of these rumour mill productions are quite conventional, but some are like seat edge thriller, making fans simply irresistible. Here we have taken the contents from the latest rumour mill round-up, and all these are quite musical. Have a look! 

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Tidal: a perfect combination with SABRE
Samsung’s integration of the musical chip with the Galaxy S7 is never a secret now. It was exciting, but never the end. Offering the rival a really tough competition, Samsung this time has decided to go in a musical way. 
Interesting is to see the way the South Korean champion manufacturer is investing ruthlessly on revamping the musical aspects. The most buzzing on the above aspect is Sammy’s decision to own much known Tidal. Tidal was a great idea, though it really filed to match the standards of the centres like Apple Music. 
Well, with an adept hand like Samsung, its fortunes are certainly expected to improve. Tidal holds a great part to play in terms of offering supreme level of audio quality. It has been promising since inception, and makes no surprise at all to see the way it dragged attention of Samsung. Whatever might be from the business point of view, but one thing is quite clear, Galaxy S7 is going to be a terrific device with a flawless audio standard. 
Though it’s a fact that the analysts were expecting this deal a lot earlier by Samsung, no one was expecting it with Galaxy S7, especially looking at the reports of Galaxy S6. However, the process was quite strategic and gradual; it was earlier planned to be introduced through subscriptions with some frontline devices. It would be nothing wrong to relate the purchasing of the musical chip (SABRE) with this recent bagging of Tidal for upcoming Galaxy S7. 
Being strategic and introductory:
All these efforts are definitely the desperate ones from the manufacturer to compensate for the not so satisfactory performances in the past, especially with the devices like Galaxy S6. Though some analysts see the current investment spree of Samsung with a raised eyebrow, there is a huge list of experts those who appreciate it. 
Several reasons are being associated with Samsung’s such attempt initiating with Galaxy S7. Many has to call this a well planned attempt by the manufacturer, and a gradual proceed post setting the market through some budget friendly stuffs in certain flatter business zones, especially in Asia. 
However, Galaxy S7 is already in a lot of fuss as well apart from these musical additions. Among some of the fan friendly decisions, you can count keeping the ‘Edge’ factor constant with both size variations of the device, putting both Exynos and Qualcomm Snapdragon into action, etc. 
Apart from this, the ClearForce addition is certainly going to fill the void for the android fans missing the Apple features. Finally, we wish Galaxy S7 to be an exemplary in the tech arena.


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