Lacking Floor Space In Office? Know All What Can Be Done

Realizing that your office needs extra space is an encouraging sign that your business is expanding. However, this brings along a set of challenges. Where do you find additional office space near the existing office area?

Will the new office space disrupt operations in your business? How much will the newly found space cost the company? If these are your concerns, you might want to try exploring the idea of a mezzanine floor – an innovative way to create space with less upheaval and expense.

A mezzanine floor is a half-floor structure installed on the ground floor. It can quickly double the available floor space and provide a solution to your growing need for office space. Whether you are seeking to find a meeting room, office storage area, or a customer service center, the mezzanine space can serve your space needs and offer you many more benefits. They include:

Big changes with little downtime

Of course, your biggest fear when it comes to renovation work in your office is the disruption of business operations. With a highly qualified mezzanine floor builder such as AW Structures, your mezzanine floor can be installed with little to no downtime for your current office work. They will manufacture components of the mezzanine floor off-site, and only the assembling work is done on-site. This ensures the efficiency of the installation process while avoiding significant damage to the existing floor space.

Create extra space within your existing space

One of the immense benefits of the mezzanine floor is all your business needs are taken care of under one roof. It means that your clients can conveniently get all the services they need from you in one place and not in different locations. This is an excellent selling point against your competitors that can quickly expand your business further.

Hassle-free expansion

As compared to the hassles of constructing a separate building to create extra office space, the mezzanine can be a quick easy option to consider. When it comes to a mezzanine, you don’t have to think about sourcing of construction materials, labor and permits and not to mention the spiraling costs involved in new constructions. Besides that, the idea of the mezzanine floor eliminates the headache and cost of moving to a new location. Also, the overhead expenses of your mezzanine floor can be covered in those of the existing office area.

Custom designs

You can have your new office mezzanine level built according to your specifications. Your builder can design the extra space to suit your specific business needs, and to express your company’s style. There are several ways you can utilize your mezzanine space:

Create customer service center

The mezzanine can provide separate offices to handle the long, complicated customer issues. You can have cork boards and whiteboards installed into the rooms for your presentation needs.

Lounge for your employees

You can customize your mezzanine into a lounge area where your employees can relax without disruptions during their breaks. This space can also be converted into an event venue like during the annual office party.

Create a tranquil office for yourself

Your mezzanine can be converted to your much desired peaceful office escape. With the sound-control options, you can conduct your private meetings and take care of your customer calls and admin work in a distraction-free, professional environment.

Create a boardroom

The mezzanine can provide you the opportunity to produce a luxurious and stylish meeting room that reflects the efficient performance of your company.

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