Labeley Makes Online Custom Labels For Free

Labeley is a really nice service for those who want to design and download labels for free. You can create labels for your children, beer and wine labels, seasonal labels and all sorts of other labels.

It’s a straightforward web-based application for designing personalized labels and stickers. It doesn’t require any prior graphic design experience or knowledge, so it is a great tool for:
  • Busy parents who are in the need of personalized stickers and labels for all sorts of kids items: from clothes, shoes and backpacks to textbooks, pencils and other school stuff to daycare tags and labels for their babies and toddlers;
  • Home-based business owners and startup founders who are looking to create their brand’s visual identity and design their product packaging at no costs if possible;
  • Homebrewers and anyone else who wants to label their craft beer, wine or other drink. For example, more and more newlyweds are labeling wine and champagne for their wedding celebration;
  • Party makers and event organizers who need to create and distribute unique and original stickers, labels, invitations, “thank you” notes and decorations for their events;
  • And pretty much everyone else looking for a creative solution for their labeling needs.
Let’s see, for example, how easy it is design completely personalized champagne or wine labels for your wedding reception. 

Visit Labeley and choose or directly access wine labels category: 

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Start designing your custom wine label by choosing the shape: 

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Then customize all the other important elements of your labels by choosing among myriad of pre-designed elements such as: borders, backgrounds, professionally designed graphics or even uploading your own photos and images to the tool (for example, a photo of you and your significant other is the most ultimate way to customize your wedding bottle labels). 

3 1

Having taken care of the graphics, round up your wine label with a message or other text. There is a huge selection of fonts that you can further personalize by adjusting the style, weight and color. Play with the color picker to make sure that the color of your text communicates your message in the best possible manner. 

4 1
When you’re sure that your wedding wine label looks exactly as you imagined it, click the button Save label which you can find in the upper right corner of your screen. 

Now you can download your label to your computer and print it on your home printer or anywhere you want. Note that Labeley does not even prompt you to share your email address or any other personal detail in order to design, save and download your labels. 

But if you think that you may want to repurpose your design at some point in the future by slightly modifying it, go ahead and create a free Labeley user account where you can save all the designs you make with the tool.

Last but not the least, if you want your wedding labels printed professionally without breaking the bank, you can order them from Labeley at very decent prices (even if your are printing just 30 or less labels). (Source: Labeley)

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