Everything you need to know about Sleep Disturbances

Everything you need to know about Sleep Disturbances

In the 21st century in our society, sleep is more of a luxury rather than being a necessity. Everyone nowadays seems to have no problem with spending long hours at work & then adding more activities to top of it.   

All these activities that are performed daily by us have to be and are at the expense of something, so usually; people come to compromise with their mental & physical health. They stop it from rejuvenation by not allowing their body proper time of rest and sleep.   

And to add to it, when we finally do get a chance to lie down, our minds are so accustomed to always working minds are not so willing to take rest yet.   There have been certain causes that have created these sleeping disorders in the life of people; however, the most common one has to be insomnia.   

More than 30-40% of people have reported having a sleeping disorder because of Insomnia. And the 10 to 15% of the population has been told to have been facing problems in sleeping in general.  

So, what is the solution? Does it lie in the prescribed sleeping pills by doctors that you ought to take every day before going to bed? Or does it lie in some lifestyle changes?    Here is our answer for you for the relief of sleep disturbances. People can buy medications like zopiclone at geek meds store to treat this issue.

Natural Remedies – Eating Habits

The hormone that actually helps you with regulating the sleeping or waking upcycle is actually known as Melatonin. It is sort of an internal pacemaker kind of thing that controls and manipulates the timing and our drive for sleep.   

Research has proven that people who are suffering from Insomnia have mixed melatonin in them. Here are some natural remedies that might prove beneficial for you:  

•Warm Milk – You can very easily put some spin on your grandmother’s natural remedy of not being able to sleep. You also might want to add some almonds as almond milk has been proved to be a great source of calcium & which assists the brain in the production of melatonin.   

•Snacks – Some of the best snacks to eat while you are sleepy have to be a combination of carbohydrates & protein and preferably equally. Research has also proven that Magnesium – even a bit of lack of it – can prevent your mind from getting sleep and peace. However, it is highly suggested that you must check with your physician before taking any dose of it as it is known to be able to mix easily with other different medications.  

Natural Remedies – Lifestyle changes

•Cutting Down Time with Electrical Appliances – Leave watching regular Television. In some cases, nighttime light actually hinders melatonin levels and creates “social jetlag” in people. It is recommended to move television out of your bedroom to create a darker atmosphere.   

•Give up – If you do not fall asleep in thirty minutes, it is usually recommended that you should just give up trying to sleep. Get up, read a book, do some physical work and come back to sleep when you actually feel tired.   

Here is what you need to know about the relief of sleep disturbances. Hope this helps! 


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