Know the Different Methods to Fix A Sewer Drain Clog

The obstruction that occurs in the sewer drain will definitely affect the plumbing fixtures of a building. The sewer clogs develop due to the incursion of tree roots into the pipes. The roots get attracted to the warmth and moisture of the sewer lines and slowly begin to grow.   

There is more obstruction and if the water flow slows down then the debris settles down inside the sewage lines. It’s therefore to diagnose the problem. If you feel there is a clogging in the sewer line, then you will see that the drains are running slowly.     

BlockedSewer Drain

You will also hear a gurgling sound that is coming from the waste pipes as soon as you flush the toilet. The professionals can do a visual inspection that will reveal the cause of the blocked sewer drain.  

How to clear the clogged sewer drain?  

If you find blocked sewer drain, then you must clean the drainage system immediately because neglecting the sewage problems can create some health hazards. In this case, you can call some professional blocked sewer drain specialists and they will clean your drainage system completely.   

• The blocked sewer drain can be cleared by professionals as they use different tools and appliances. The most basic tool that they depend upon is the drain auger. This is also known as the drain snake. These tools are made of metal and are designed with a long cable. It is quite flexible and can easily go down the drain to remove the clog.  

• The professional plumbers usually use augers that are at least 50 feet long so that they can reach the clogged portions easily.  

• The auger can break up minor as well as rigid clogs. It is very helpful to clear the sewer line and remove all the blockages both large and small.  

• The other option is the use of high-pressure hose. This is an effective tool that not only removes the clog but also the residue that has gradually built up inside the sewer pipes. The cost of a hose will be more than an auger but will work much better. 


Warning signs of a clogged sewer  

The blocked sewer drain occurs due to various reasons. You need to call a professional when you find that there are frequent backups in your drain. This may be due to breakage or blockage in the sewer pipes.  

• The homeowner should be alert when the toilet or the shower drain is constantly getting blocked. This may be either due to individual pipe or an issue with more than one plumbing fixture.  

• The sewer drain is clogged when you find unusual and unexpected signals. The reactions will be like for example the water comes back from the tub or shower if you use the flush. The toilet water also will begin to bubble.  

• You will also find an indention in the lawn due to have a breakage in the sewer pipe. The grass becomes soggy even if it hasn’t rained or snowed. These are the signals that show there is a major problem in the sewer pipeline.  

It is essential to clear the blocked sewer drain with a professional plumber only. They undertake a video inspection through which they can see where the actual problem of your drainage system.    This will result in faster repairs and it will not be very expensive. There is also a radio transmitter that helps to record the physical location of the line. The plumbers sometimes also use the trenchless repair methods to clear the clogs.   

This is a method where the plumbers make small access holes in the damaged pipes and then they recline the pipelines without damaging your property.


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