What to Know Before You Buy Board Communication Software

What to Know Before You Buy Board Communication Software

It’s not easy to pick between several different kinds of software available, all purporting to do the same thing. Choosing which platform your company’s leaders will use can be an important choice.

Here are a few important general factors to consider before deciding the software:  

Sample and Read

Unless you’re using the software, it’s impossible to get a first-hand feel for the interface. The odds are that right now, this very second, you aren’t in front of such a screen. Definitely take the software for a test drive before making a final decision, but also read about the subject from trusted sources. You should click here to learn more about some of the best board communication software out there.   

The Implications of Price

Naturally, you want to pay as little as possible. But keep in mind, software that’s priced differently likely performs differently—make sure you make a straight apples-to-apples comparison. Sometimes the same software has different versions available at different price brackets, where users can decide if they want just the basic (“lite”) features, unlimited access to all features, or something in between. Unless you only need very basic features, there’s a chance that buying a lite version will be insufficient, and upgrading to fuller versions will only cost you money down the road.  

When you’re comparing prices, compare the full version of each software. Some companies do it differently, only offering one mode with full access. These companies will likely including everything in the price, such as ongoing training and mobile apps.   


You need to know the data you’re sharing is always secure. Even the world’s most top-tier companies are not immune to data breaches. There must be robust safety features to make sure a breach doesn’t occur in the first place, but also a fallback plan in case it does. You should be able to remotely wipe all lost or stolen data. Make sure you know where the servers hosting your information are located, and that they are in full compliance with independent, third-party requirements for security certifications.   

Design Should Help, Not Hinder

The software should be simple enough for everybody to pick up and use intuitively, yet sophisticated enough to drive change in your company. Both of these aspects are really important. Put it this way, if the software has all kinds of powerful features that are so difficult to use that, in fact, nobody uses them, they may as well n¬ot exist.   

Ease of use isn’t only about using the platform itself. It should be easy to migrate the software you select with whatever in-house portal or system is already in place. Ease and compatibility are essential. At the end of the day, the software should save your company time, not cost it.  

Keep these considerations in mind when you sit down to actually test the different kinds of software your company may potentially use. This choice impacts all the directors of your board directly, as well as the company’s overall efficiency and security. You want it to be as informed as possible because it’s a choice you only want to make one. 


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