All You Need To Know About QuickBooks HR And Benefits Starter Kit

The department of human resource development or HR can be considered as the backbone of any successful organization. In the working of any organization, it is the employees that play the most crucial role. The department of HR is entrusted with the task of managing the employees starting from hiring, training, advising, disciplining or firing. They also take care of their payments and pensions.

Importance Of Human Resource Management

It is the duty of the HR to navigate federal and local employment laws, to ensure that all the set policies and laws are beneficial for the company. This helps in avoiding any type of fines and helps in paying special attention to the happiness and satisfaction of the employees. By incorporating a certain amount of flexibility and creativity in the HR department, your company can have a huge impact on the employees and boost them up.

What Is QuickBooks HR?

quickbooks hr
quickbooks hr

A QuickBooks HR and Benefits Starter Kit have been discussed below. Do have a look at it to wisely to address your business challenges with strategic planning. It touches on five prime areas namely: recruitment, terms and policies, allowances and performance management.

•    Recruitment of Employees

During the process of recruitment, discrimination of any kind stands out to be one of the major risk factors. This discrimination (intentional or unintentional) can take place in the form of gender, religion, age, disability, criminal background and so on.

An effective way to do away with any of this legal noncompliance is the implementation of Equal Employment Opportunity Best Practices for Employees and Human Resources/EEO Professionals which comes as  a part of QuickBooks HR and benefits starter kit. It will help in keeping an eye on the selection procedure of the employees into your company and ensure that the jobs are accessible to all eligible candidates irrespective of their caste, creed, gender or sex.

quickbooks hr
quickbooks hr

•    Terms and Policies at the Workplace

Every business runs according to some set rules, regulations and policies. Few such policies are anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy, code of conduct, leave and time off, safety and health, etc.

There are some policies that are not enforced by the law but are an important part of an organization. For instance, the law strictly prohibits the act of discriminating employees on any basis but has not made the anti-discrimination policy a necessary part of it. Hence, this QuickBooks HR and benefits starter kit urges the companies to set their policies strategically so that they do not harm the sentiments of any employee.    

•    Allowances of the Employees

The allowances are mostly divided into two categories: classification and payment. The workforce is classified into independent contractors, non-exempt contractors, and exempt employees.

Independent contractors refer to those people who are linked to your company only for contracts. Non-exempt employees are the ones paid on per hour basis. Exempt employees are the ones who are paid a set amount and not paid at all for overtime. As a part of the QuickBooks HR and benefits starter kit, it is suggested to be sensitive and creative with compensations, which will help increase productivity. For instance, you can set the allowances according to the performance and progress of the company.

quickbooks hr
quickbooks hr

•    Performance Management of the Employees

Performance management is an important part of the QuickBooks HR and benefits starter kit. It is discrimination that comes up in the form of retaliation as a legal issue in performance management. So, in order to avoid any clash or retaliation, you must inculcate a quality performance management program, wherein you can educate the employees on your expectations with regards to their performance and train on them how they could comply with all the employment-related laws.

Thus, by following this QuickBooks HR and benefits starter kit you can effectively improve employee recruitment and retention for the harmonious working of your organization.

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