Know About the Features of The Matrice 600 Real Quick!

Know About the Features of The Matrice 600 Real Quick!

Drones, also known as the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, is an aircraft flown by a person who is not aboard. In the recent period, the usage of drones has increased by leaps and bounds. Earlier, drones were only used by the military men.   

These devices were used to carry out serious missions to protect the nation against attacks. However, with time, drones are being used in various other fields other than the military. The ability of drones to capture images from high above is extremely useful for insurance, film and construction industries.  

There are various companies that are distributors of drones and DJI in Australia. Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions is the largest drones and DJI distributors in Australia. They guarantee to provide only high-quality products and an extremely reliable customer service.   

Today, more advanced features are being added to the drones to make it even more efficient. The cameras fitted to these drones are of very high quality and can capture every little detail without any problem. Drones have made our lives easier even without making us realize.  

Various features of DJI Matrice 600

With time, various kinds of drones have been made, each having some specialized features. Various kinds of drones that are available in the market today are DJI Osmo, DJI Matrice, DJI Inspire and many more.   

If you are into cinematography and looking for a drone that can capture stunning aerial shots, DJI Matrice 600 is exactly what you need. Here are the basic features of Matrice 600:  

Matrice 600 controller:

When you operate this drone for the very first time, you will experience a sense of complete stability and control over it. It is designed in a user-friendly way and A3 airfare and Lightbridge 2 controller makes it even easier to handle and operate this drone.   

The Lightbridge 2 system has the capability to live stream 1080p videos from a distance of about 5 kilometers. Moreover, it also helps dual video insights and dual setups. On the other hand, the A3 airfare controller has a failsafe action that is inbuilt in case of poor signal quality, low vitality, and propulsion inability.   

Matrice 600 battery:

The extent of battery life remains to be the cause of disappointment in the UAV’s among the operators unless the manufacturers come up with a battery technology having a higher density of energy. So, it won’t be right to expect wonders from Matrice 600 when it comes to the battery.   

It can be said without a doubt though; M600 hexacopter drone has amazing strength with its supply of 4500 mAh TB47S power. You can also go for the newer version of TB47S power supply for having more airtime.   

The manufacturers say that a pack of six batteries will render a 35 minutes flight time to this drone. However, according to the statistics, six batteries will hardly give this drone a 30 minute flight time even when the payload is lightest.   

Matrice 600 camera: 

Matrice 600 does not come with a camera of its own but it is highly compatible with a wide variety of camera options. M600 hexacopter is perfectly compatible with the complete line of Zenmuse camera, even RED EPIC.   

As this drone has the capability to lift heavy objects, it can easily carry a wide variety of cameras for shooting. With Zenmuse X5 and XT, Matrice 600 can fly for about 35 minutes but with heavier cameras, the flight time might reduce to 15 minutes.   

These are the few features of Matrice 600. Before choosing a drone and buying it, you need to be absolutely sure whether it is serving your purpose or not. Each drone is popular for its distinctive features.   

So if you are looking for a drone that will capture high-quality footage and images, Matrice 600 is the one you should go for.

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