Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – Tips to get it right

Designing a kitchen or renovating one is the big project itself and isn’t something that should be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider like the theme, type of material to be used, type of finish and size as well. Hamptons kitchen handles are popular with many people. It is a good idea to select the design based on your personality and on that provides a balance between functionality and style.

The design will also influence the type of material. Some of the common materials include brass, bronze, stainless steel. Stainless Steel is a popular option since it is very durable as well. This article goes onto provide the tips necessary to select the optimal kitchen cabinet hardware.

Vital Tips to Select the right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Type of Hardware: 

There are many types of hardware; however, the first selection to make is between having a simple one or a decorative one, a knob or a handle that can be pulled. A knob requires a single screw to fix and is useful on drawers and small doors. The pull type of handles requires two screws and more space to install as well. Be sure of the selection of handle prior to drilling a hole since if need to switch to a different type of handle the holes may remain exposed. The position of the cabinet handles also matters and should be as per the existing design of the kitchen.

Correct Size: 

Knobs and cabinet handles are of different shapes and sizes. Simply selecting one that you like might destroy the aesthetics of the entire kitchen. The selection process should be done after careful consideration of the dimension of the door or drawer. It is also necessary to consider the shape and size of the existing handles.

Consider the Existing theme:

The existing theme of a kitchen is very important. Selecting kitchen hardware randomly may result in it looking out of place. For example, in the case of a countryside house in France, an antique look may be suitable and is likely to go with the rest of the design.

Style of other fixtures: 

It is not enough to just to consider the design of existing handles, it is also a good idea consider the finish and quality of the fixtures sink, faucets, etc. This will ensure the cabinet handles you pick do not look out of place.

Hardware Style:

The style of cabinet handles should be consistent in the entire kitchen. The kitchen cabinet hardware can be of four main types as listed here:


Traditional style cabinets will usually have an elaborate design and mouldings. The style of hardware that goes with this type of design is the decorative ornate type. This is more of a vintage look.


Contemporary kitchen style is one with minimal colour and not very fancy. This kind has a more sleek design. Thus, the type of cabinet handles that go with this type of style is the linear type. It is usually stainless steel.


Traditional style is more like a clean look with minimal design. It usually does not include sharp-edged design.


This is more of an informal and relaxed style kitchen with handles that look like seashells. This type of style will suit a beach home or a vacation home.

Do not compromise on quality:

Besides getting the right size, shape and style of handle, it is also important not to ignore the quality.

Do not be rigid:

Many people have a set idea of the type of handles they want and are not prepared to consider any advice or suggestions from other people. Being rigid when it comes to selecting such items may result in it looking out of place.

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