Key Tips to Host a Marvelous Housewarming Party

You’ve moved, your new home is spotless and perfect, you’ve settled, and you’re finally ready to introduce your new nest to the rest of the world! As exciting and wonderful as the occasion is, it takes plenty of planning and preparation to throw a party all guests will remember as housewarming party, enjoy, and that will not be a burden for you, the host. 

Plus, this is your chance to mix and mingle with the people in the new neighbourhood! Especially if you’ve moved to an entirely new location where you’re still not familiar with the people or the go-to shops, so you can seek advice, and learn more about the area. Here are a few tips to help you master your very first housewarming event in your new home!

Get the invites right

Truth be told, so many things are done online that you can actually keep your invitations digital and still have a high rate of responses for the party. However, in case you’re new in the neighbourhood, knocking on a few doors, introducing yourself, and handing out hand-written invitations is a gesture most close-knit communities will appreciate – so you might expect more people to show up.

As for the rest of your guests, you can use a digital invite service the likes of Paperless Post to keep it simple for you to track and still make your e-vites unique. Also make sure to send out one or two reminders in the weeks close to your event. 

Prep your home for the tour

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As the very purpose of the gathering, your home does deserve to be in the spotlight for all of your guests to admire! This is a perfect opportunity to make sure your close friends, your family, and your new neighbours feel welcome in your home. For starters, make sure that there’s a clear path through your home and yard, a planned little route to show them the key pieces and features you’re most proud of.

In addition to deciding on the best route through your house, make sure you have a few stories up your sleeve – perhaps something related to that painting or that photograph in your living room. Of course, since you’ll be leading the way, make sure your spouse, a relative, or a friend are always ready to greet new guests at the door! 

Ensure a delicious menu


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What would any party be without snacks, treats, and properly filling bites that take your event to the next level? Diversity is the name of the menu game, because you’ll most likely have many different kinds of guests visiting your home, from meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans, all the way to those that might have allergies. Add to that, serving interesting drinks will make the evening all the more fun and give you more talking points with your guests.

To make the most of the evening, you can look into reputable catering companies in your vicinity, so that you can devote your time to mingling instead of being the bartender and the cook all in one go. Plus, this is one of the simplest ways to ensure that diversity and peace of mind for you as the host. You too will be able to enjoy flavourful canapes and unique cocktails together with your guests!

Choose the finest décor pieces

Unlike a birthday party for your ten-year-old offspring, a housewarming event is not all about colourful décor. In fact, less is more for such an occasion, so it’s best to think minimal thoughts and focus on keeping your space clean. Instead of focusing on adding more items to your space, think about ways in which you can use your existing furniture and lighting to inspire the right conversations and get people to meet and mingle.

You can have a few indoor and outdoor seating areas, a few serving tables with snacks and sips, and of course, an occasional comfortable nook for people who’d just like to soak in the atmosphere from time to time – yourself included. Place comfortable pillows on each chair to make them more inviting for people, keep the rest of the furniture out of the way, and let your guests do the rest. 

Create the right ambiance 

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What matters more than themed cups and colourful paper decorations is the atmosphere, which will depend on the details. Make sure that there’s soft music playing in the background, something you know everyone will enjoy and that will not disturb the conversation, such as jazz instrumentals. If the gathering will go well into the evening, add a few strategically placed scented candles to add some warmth to your rooms and make people even more comfortable.

A little can go a long way when it comes to opening your doors to your new home. Use these tips to organize a stellar housewarming event, and you’ll enjoy the party as much as your guests will!

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