Kenyan Student Invented a Gadget which could Reduce Road Accidents as it Alerts Motorists Whenever They Approach Blackspots from 500 meters

It is better to be safe than to be sorry. Prevent accidents by taking all the precautions you can. Road transport crashes rank high among the greatest development challenges currently facing many countries of the world. 

Slowly but surely, technology has become an unavoidable part of our day. It improves our lives with the invention of various creative and Innovative gadgets around the world.   

One such gadget is invented by Anthony Muthungu which helps in reducing the road accidents. 

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Inventor Anthony Muthungu (Image source: Magazinereel)  

He is a second-year Physics and Mathematics student at Karatina University; has come out with the most striking and astonishing innovation ever in the sense that you can light your house using a remote control or by sending a text message to the gadget linked with your electric lights and the lights up.   

He says the device will alert motorists whenever they approach blackspots from as far as 500 meters. Blackspots are locations that report an abnormally high number of road crashes.   

The device also signals the drivers after they exit such notorious sections. “This means that the motorist will be aware they are approaching dangerous a zone, and they will therefore reduce the speed to avoid accidents,” said Mr. Muthungu. Christened LUAM Blackspot Tracer, the gadget is a hybrid of two electronic devices, which are configured through software that he invented.   

Muthungu uses an ordinary television remote control as one of the gadgets that will be fixed at black spots. “You don’t need to get out of your car to go and light the lights but by a simple text which initiates a certain command on the gadget to light up,” he says. Also, the gadget can be installed in a vehicle to identify a black spot some meters away when traveling and notifies you after passing the scene.  

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Image source: StandardMedia  

“The remote control is upgraded through the software such that it sends a signal which is then captured by the signal module receiver fitted in a vehicle. The receiver encodes the signal and transfers it to an LCD fitted in the dashboard, which warns the driver that they are in an accident-prone area,” said Muthungu.   When in “safer” road sections, the LCD light dims, but while in a black spot zone, the LCD produces bright fast-blinking flashes of light and an alarm immediately goes off. Inevitably, Muthungu will have to feed his gadgets with details about all blackspot areas on Kenyan roads.  

The gadget is ready for implementation once the willing buyer comes. GOT BRAINWAVE Road safety campaigners recently mapped out over 160 accident blackspots in the country. “The everyday tragic news of people dying in accidents is horrifying. I went through statistics provided by the National Transport and Safety Authority about accidents occurring in our roads and I thought I can come up with this device that will be alerting the drivers, especially in new road sections, on the dangers they may face,” said Muthungu, as reported by Standard Media.  


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