How to Keep Your Home Pest-Free?

Pests by definition are insects or small animals that do more harm than good to trees, crops, livestock and human well-being in general. They could be mosquitoes, ants, fleas, mites, cockroaches or even rats.  

They are present almost everywhere but often hide so well that we can hardly discover until their population has grown up much more than what we expect. Therefore, as soon as you realize that any kind of pests is intruding on your living environment, it’s urgent to take prompt action so that things will not get worse.  

What conditions pest residence is the moist, dark and untidy place where sunlight does not shine for long hours. Thus, if you want to pest-free your home, you had better start to remove the favorable habitat that fosters pest living.  

Outdoors cleaning up


  If you have a garden, you can start by making it neat and tidy. Fallen leaves, clustered logs or weeds should be collected and removed. The lawn should be mowed short on a regular basis. Any ponds or puddles should be drained. Shrubs or branchy trees could be trimmed to allow sunlight to reach the ground. Should you have a firewood stack, make sure you cover it well from rain and have firewood stacked above the ground a little. Ants, termites, and fleas would find rotten firewood perfect for their living so you should burn those long stacking first.  

Indoors tidying 

For indoors tidying, you can begin with your kitchen. Be sure you don’t pack the sink with used dishes. Wash them after every meal and take out the trash with left-over food or kitchen garbage every day. Otherwise, cockroaches, ants, and rats will love to visit your kitchen very much.  

Next, seal up any cracks or holes in windows, doorways, wall, or basement to prevent the pest from entering your house. It’s good to have a cat or dog at home as the pet could prevent rats from invading the home. However, the downside of owning a furry pet like dog or cat is the risk of being infested with fleas – a parasite that feeds on host blood.    


  Fleas may go unnoticed due to their tiny size, but not until you are aware of their existence in the house, there could be thousands of them hiding among carpet fibers, rugs, upholstery and even your bed. You could use flea shampoo or flea comb to treat fleas from your pet. Or else, vacuuming carpets and washing up removable stuff in hot water do help to kill fleas.  

If your house is under heavy flea infestation, flea fogger or flea spray could be used even though their chemical ingredients may be toxic somehow. You have got to be careful in utilizing the chemical method. However, the best flea treatment should be the cleanness of the house and good care for your pet. Early detection may help you stop the intruders sooner.  

Professional help

If you are busy enough to care for your house, having a professional come and help you with pest control is a good idea. They know how to put things in order in an efficient and effective way. For sure, you’ve to spend some money on this, but it’s worth what you pay for. Pest control specialists may give you valuable advice on how to deter pest from invading home and if you take it seriously, it would be beneficial to apply.  

All things considered, it does take time and effort to pest-free your house. However, if you make it a habit to clean up home both indoors and outdoors on a regular basis, it will not be a big deal to prevent pests from interfering with your life. In case you do not type of Do It Yourself person, professional service can be hired to free you off pest nuisance. 


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