Justifying Buying a Queen Size Bed

There are many different types of beds and bed sizes around the world. The bed sizes in Australia are different from those in other countries. This is something one needs to keep in mind when searching for information on bed sizes. The common bed sizes include single, double, king, queen however the dimensions of the bed.

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There are many options available hence, first check the dimensions of the bedroom, and select the appropriate one as per requirements. It is not practical for everyone to opt for the king size bed and also allow for additional furniture. The best way to go about selecting the best possible bed for a room is to look for the largest one that a room can comfortably accommodate; keeping leg space, and space for other furniture in mind.

Bed Size Options for a Novice

For the first time buyer who may not have much knowledge about the various bed sizes available, it is hard for them to make an informed decision on the type of bed to select. It doesn’t take a designer to judge the size of the room, placement of all objects & furniture items and figure out the optimal size bed they require. Various bed sizes are mentioned here for one to make an informed decision.

Standard bed sizes available in Australia are as follows:

  • Single bed (36in x 74in): The single bed is ideal for a kid’s bedroom and even adults who are not very tall. It is not possible for more than one person to use such a bed. It is the optimal solution for apartments with a small space.
  • King Single (42in x 80in): A king size single bed is slightly bigger than a single bed and is the optimal one for adults (even the tall ones), however, it is still meant for only one person and if two people attempt to use together, it would be a tight squeeze.
  • Double Bed (54in x 74in): A double bed is optimal for a couple who like to sleep close together. It is also a good choice for someone with a pet or simply an individual who likes a spacious bed. Although it is a double bed and meant for two people it is not very big for large adults since otherwise, it would be slightly cramped.
  • King size (72in x 80in): For those who like the extra space on their bed when laying down, the king size bed is the best option. This bed is considerably larger than queen size.
  • Super King (80in x 80in): This is the same size in terms of height but it has a wider frame than the normal king size bed. In fact, the larger width makes it a perfect square. It is very large and assures great comfort, but this bed will not fit a standard bedroom. It is meant for a large bedroom, which has enough space remaining after placement of the bed as well.

Benefits of opting for Queen Size Bed

A queen size bed is optimal for just about any decent size room. Here are the main benefits of opting for a queen bed:

  • For someone who is sleeping alone, there is plenty of space on the bed to sleep in any way they wish and even for those who move around while sleeping.
  • It is optimal for someone who is sharing it with another person as well since it is big enough for two people.
  • It is very large hence, there is enough space to build under bed storage space as well or store some storage boxes under the bed.
  • A bed like this is the optimal solution for removing the clutter in the room as well.

This is the best option for a single person as well as if there are two people. Although the room size does matter, it is small enough for just about any room to accommodate. It is not as large as a king size bed that it will not fit in an average size bedroom. It is bigger than a single and double bed so that it can comfortably accommodate two adults and a pet. Thus, these facts make the Queen size bed the optimal choice for most people looking to buy Queen bed with Afterpay as well as Afterpay bedding.

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