Is This An Answer to Urban Traffic Congestion?

From thought incubation to implementation technology has really moved fast and can disrupt existing ways to commute or doing any other business. Knowledge is leadership and business it is Technology.

Meet this world’s first Smart Train that helps our environment and traffic in populated cities. After bus, train, and tram, now it’s about railbus, it’s a trackless train that recently hits the streets of Zhuzhou, China.

The Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit could ease emissions and traffic for a fraction of the cost of building a subway or streetcar system. 

Images credit: CRRC Corporation / New China

The 100% electric train can transport as many as 300 passengers in 3 carriages through cities at speeds of 43 MPH. 

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No traditional train tracks are necessary for the ART, which runs on dotted lines painted on streets, aided by sensors. 

The train can run for over 15 miles after charging for 10 minutes and it has rubber tires. A twin-head system allows the train to travel without ever making a U-turn. The trackless train’s lifespan is reportedly around 25 years.

The trackless train has been described as a hybrid between a bus and tram, and it’s 100 percent powered by electricity.

The futuristic system, featuring track-less trains and invisible rail lines, has been developed as an effort to speed up public transport in cities.

Nice, when necessary, strange when not necessary, but it seems sustainable and good for people health. Good news for people and environment-hope more countries follow this example!


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