8 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About iPhone Repair

If you’re an Apple fan, you’re likely an iPhone enthusiast. Your friends probably use iPhones, and you might see the one Android user in your friend group as a weirdo.

You probably use your iPhone to go online, shop, text message your other iPhone pals. Talk with Facetime and you probably use it to spend hours on social media. The fact that you use your iPhone so much adds to the risk that you will need iPhone repair and at the same time. It makes your broken phone more of a bummer. The more you use your device, the more you will miss it while it is gone in the repair shop.

Not to be negative Nancys, but we’ve compiled a list of 8 things you don’t want to hear about iPhone repairs – four you might hear from the Apple Store, four you might hear from an unreputable third-party repair shop. Let’s get started with the list of things you just don’t want to hear:

Things You Don’t Want to Hear at the Apple Store

  1. “Your repair is going to take two weeks.” What? Going without an iPhone with no backup for two weeks? How will you let your loved one know you’re on your way home? How will you even navigate home from the Apple Store without your device? Unfortunately, Apple says it themselves on their repair site. Some more complicated matters can take up to two weeks to repair. Why! You might ask. This is due to the volume of iPhone repairs being done at any Apple Store at any given minute. So many iPhones are getting fixed, your device falls to the bottom of the priority line.
  2. You’re going to have to ship your iPhone to us. If you aren’t lucky enough to live even remotely close to an Apple Store. You will have to trust the mail system to deliver your phone to the closest Apple Store and get it delivered back. The repair process will be significantly slowed down by the shipping process. Even simple fixes like screen repairs can take up to two weeks.
  3. “We can’t help you if you have liquid damage.” Liquid damage is a very common issue when it comes to iPhone repairs, which is why it is surprising Apple will not touch a device that has come into contact with water. In fact, if you’re planning to try to sneak your iPhone into the Apple store after it has been immersed in water, don’t bother. Ever since the iPhone 6, liquid indicators have been built into phones that will let geniuses know to avoid your iPhone like the plague.
  4. “Please Hold…” Yes, you can expect to hear this (although you won’t want to) when you call the Apple Store to get details on your repair. Again, this is due to the large volume of devices Apple is fixing at any given time.

Things You Don’t Want to Hear at a Third-Party Repair Shop

Issues like time, inconvenience, or price are less troublesome when you bring your iPhone to a third-party repair shop to get it fixed. However, you’ll want to do your research before you just go anywhere. For example, here are four things you wouldn’t want to hear at your local iPhone repair shop:

  1. “This tech isn’t certified and has a month of experience – but he’s really good, we promise.” Unfortunately, there are some local repair shops out there who don’t hire certified, knowledgeable techs that you can trust to work on your device. The best way to figure out how knowledgeable your tech is is to simply ask them what their certifications are and how much experience they have.
  2. “Sorry, we don’t offer warranties.” Any local repair store worth their salt will offer a warranty to guarantee that your repair will be of high quality. Essentially, if your iPhone breaks again thanks to shoddy repairs, with a warranty, you can bring your device back to the shop to get it repaired again for free.
  3. The quality of replacement parts doesn’t matter. You’ll hear this from the same type of local repair shop that doesn’t offer warranties. The quality of replacement parts has a large effect on how successful your repair will be. So be sure to ask any third party shop where they get their repair tools and parts from.
  4. “Welcome! We just opened yesterday!” We understand that everyone has to start a business at some time, but your best bet is to do business with a repair shop that has experience and happy customers. You can find this out by doing diligent research online, asking friends for referrals, or just asking the manager how long the shop has been around.

Hearing these things at the Apple Store or a local repair shop can put a damper on your day. Your best bet is to put time into researching where you’ll get your iPhone repair and weighing your options to avoid hearing any of these unfortunate comments and responses.

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