With IoT and AI, Energy Analytics Start-up Curie Labs Can Save Energy up to 20 Per cent!

The 21st century has so far been characterized by the spectrum of changes in the way we understand and use energy, especially compared to the beginning of industrialization which started in the developed countries.  

The terms ‘Technology’ and ‘Energy’ are interlinked and help in achieving our homes and commercial establishments more sustainable going forward.   

In fact, technology allows us to be more efficient in our energy use, without making our lives less comfortable or our business less successful. But we utilize more power than ever before due to our reliance on energy-consuming IT devices.  

The proliferation of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) with rapidly advancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in household energy data analytics, enable ‘smart machines’ to simulate intelligent behavior and make well-informed decisions with little or no human intervention.  

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Co-Founders of Curie Labs – Saurabh Vij and Abhinav Saksena (Image source: VCCircle)

These technologies have changed the landscape of energy conservation, referring to how we consume the energy and make it more efficient continuously!  

Now that’s Curie Labs for you, which helps you to achieve energy saving up to 20 percent using an IoT system and AI technologies! Its IoT system consisting of sensors, communication, and advanced cloud storage and computing that enables smart decisions related to energy usage in a building.  

About Curie  

The CURIE contains a mesh of sensors attached at different places communicating OTA connected via the Internet.   


Curie Labs’ Realtime Dashboard  

There is a central server which we term it as 3CTS (Centrally Controlled Curie Transit System) where all the data from the sensors is stored OTA and can be accessed easily and analyzed.  

The users get a web-based dashboard with all their energy usage data in real-time along with meaningful actionable insights and recommendations based on their usage patterns.  

According to Delhi based Curie Labs, a typical facility or a mall requires $100,000 (Rs 65 lakh approximately) worth of power per month, Curie can help them save 15% of it using energy analytics which leads to savings of up to $15,000 (Rs 10 lakh approximately)/month plus a moral incentive of being able to reduce ~50 Tons of carbon footprint per month from the environment.  

Curie Labs Co-Founders  

Founded by Vij and Abhinav Saksena, the startup took a cue from the alarming climate change across the globe. These two intellectuals are on their journey to making the world a better place to live.  

With their contribution, they aim to help energy consumers to reduce their carbon footprint without any major change in the existing system and of course, save on their monthly energy spending!  

Before establishing the start-up, Vij founded connected wearables and devices start-up GTI (Green Tech Innovation) Labs. He was previously a scientist at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and was a project scientist at IIT-Delhi. While Abhinav Saksena earlier co-founded address sharing platform Map tags and was also a research associate at Berkeley Lab.  

Southeast Asia-based blockchain incubator Satoshi Studios has made its first investment in Curie Labs, reports VCCircle. As part of its incubation program, it provides startups $50,000 in funding for an 8-15% equity stake.  

The users of Curie can get an additional benefit of carbon tax based on the amount of power consumed in many countries also it helps in maintaining their carbon tax threshold limit.  

Curie with their disruptive energy solution could change the way we look at energy-saving. Their intelligence-driven automation helps in saving a significant amount of power.   

Energy consumers, especially in developing countries, haven’t fully utilized the IoT and AI-based energy system and there is a huge potential going forward.   

With the higher adoption of such advanced energy systems, it will mitigate the climate change effect and could become the standard in any facility on the planet!

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