Is Investing in Promotional Merchandise Still Worth in 2019?

As a business owner, if you are hesitant to buy promotional products, you are not alone. It may be because of various reasons such as cost or uncertainty of the contribution of the product in the marketing strategy

Promotional items may not replace your marketing entirely, but they are a great way to enhance your brand image. Considering branded promotional as a part of your marketing budget is a good practice – promotional giveaways to existing and potential customers is a great way attract new customers and to be on at the top of their mind. Let’s see some of the reasons why investing in promotional merchandise still worth in 2019

Benefits of promotional items

1. Brand Recognition

Distributing promotional items has been proven as one of the most effective means of creating brand recognition and identification among current and potential customers. When customers own promotional products, they quickly identify the advertisers of the same. And if the products are of good quality, many also tend to remember the brand for many years after using the promotional products.

So, not just brand recognition, these products also help in brand recall. When customers are satisfied with the products, they feel more related to the brand, and when they remember about them after years also, it helps the brand to be on their minds. 

Use this simple technique of personalized promotional items to make your customers feel special and win their brand loyalty.

2. Long Life

Think of other forms of marketing such as a TV commercial – if your audience doesn’t like it, they will skip it; think of a hoarding –  your customers might not even look at it if in a hurry; but now think of coffee mug on your customer’s office desk with your logo on it. Every time the person uses it, your logo will steal a glance from him.

Unlike other forms of advertising, promotional items do not face the challenge of other distractions.

With their names on the products, custom promotional products often become cherished by the recipients. And when they are happy, the chances are more that they will show the products to their friends, colleagues, and family, thus increasing brand exposure.

3. Mass Marketing

Do you still use that travel adapter that you might have received a few years back? Can you imagine every time if you have carried it with you, what extent of indirect marketing you have done? Don’t you want to utilize the same benefit for your brand and company?

Expose your brand to more than one customer – to a broader mass for a more extended period. Whether it’s a promotional cap or a coffee mug or a pen, you never know where the recipients might take the products, and to whom they might be exposed. 

4. Cost-Benefit per Customer

You still might not be convinced of the cost factor involved in promotional merchandise UK. 

To calculate the ROI, you must find out the cost per impression of this form of marketing strategy. On average it is seen that the cost per impression (which is approximately 0.004 pence) of promotional products is much less as compared to online radio, or television advertising.

Now consider the indirect marketing the user does – in any other form of advertising your brand is marketed only to the direct viewers, but when your customers use a promotional product, it automatically attracts other viewers too.

Moreover, when you opt mass purchase, you also get a benefit on the cost of production, thus reducing your expenses.

5. Draws Customer Interest

In this cut-throat competitive world, creating a buzz is not only essential but inevitable. Hundreds of message are communicated to the customers; so you have to find a way to stand out.  

Customers do not have time to view a commercial or read an advertorial until and unless it’s too catchy, and that incurs a lot of expenses. But, a calendar with your logo will surely find a place either on his office table or at his home. 

There can be different types of promotional products, and they can grab the attention of your customers. 

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