Incredible inventions of Indian architect Ekaggrat Kalsi

Indian inventions and discoveries have been instrumental in shaping the face of the current modern world. From C. V. Raman to Salim Ali, the talents of Indian scientists and inventors have been fully established in many different areas, including physics, medicine, mathematics, chemistry and biology. Some of them have also contributed in a substantial way to advanced scientific research in many different regions of the world.  

Kalsi is a Project Architect at Santec (Burt Hill) and a graduate of the School of Architecture at CEPT University in Ahmedabad, India. He’s also a 3D printing enthusiast.   

The layer-by-layer process of 3D printing is ideal for tracing out 3D objects by applying filament, but Kalsi uses a set of colored LED lights and his camera to put a new twist, as it were, on the process. Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi is a project architect in Ahmedabad in India, but by night he is an avid 3D printer who loves to tackle unusual projects. And that is certainly a word you could use to describe this ethereal project.   

Image source: Ekaggrat  

What he has done is essentially fitted his 3D printer with colored LED lights to ‘3D print’ light rather than filament. And with a custom gcode and a camera with a good shutter, he has put a very original twist on 3D printing objects.

Source: Ekaggrat kalsi / Vimeo   One more incredible invention of Kalsi is Holo Clock. This is a simple clock based on a single geared stepper motor which he found in surplus 10 for a dollar. The motor is basically a 1:30 geared motor working at 12v with a 3mm shaft.  

The single motor is driven by an attiny2313 and uln2803 circuit with the code written in Arduino ide. The single motor moves a gear train which in turn moves the minute ring and hour ring. The attiny pulses the motor every minute to move the minute wheel and the hour wheel.


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