Interesting Invention: Mole Remover – Is it safe?

Skin tags look like any other harmless growths on the skin. Most people live with them all their lives. But if like millions of people around the world you hate them, don’t wait any longer to get rid of them. You can opt for medical treatment and part with $200. Alternatively, have a go at the new invention aimed at solving the issue: mole removers.  

What are Mole Removers?

Mole removers are over-the-counter products that force skin tags to fall off your skin. They remove the annoying protrusions with no need of a medical procedure. While they are available on pharmacies, you can also order the solutions online.   

Not everyone needs skin tag removers. If your skin issue is acne and not a clear remover, there are better solutions for you. The products are also not recommended for pimples and boils. Skin tag products are mainly effective for only what they were designed to treat.


Are they Effective?

Like most products, not all skin tag removers are effective. Some solutions are better than others. The products also work differently. Cream solutions number the area around the mole until the unwanted beauty mark falls off. Some use a combination of technologies to cut off the marks without harming you.  

A few mole removers are highly rated on Amazon for being effective in removing the beauty marks. Read mole remover reviews before you decide to make a purchase. The products’ prices cost as low as $15 but can go as high as $100.  

The most common removers are creams and solutions that use carbon ion electric freckles to force moles out of your skin. There are no skills needed to use any of the solutions. For creams and liquid solutions, all you have to do is apply them around the affected area. Carbon ion products are battery powered but also don’t require special skills to operate. 


Are they safe?

Many skin tag home solutions aren’t safe. They are also not proven, meaning they may not work for you. Cutting skin tags with a knife, for instance, is a recipe for disaster. Burning them with a cigarette lighter or pinching them off with your nails isn’t safe also.  

Skin tags are all not the same. Some are rooted deep into your skin and may cause complications if not removed properly. A good mole remover relies on a cream, carbon ion solutions, and other harmless methods.  

The modern mole removers sold in pharmacies and online have been proven to work. They are easy to use and harmless to your skin. The products take anything from a few minutes to several days depending on how they work. If they are effective, they remove the skin tags and leave behind only a small mark.  

How Many Moles can you remove?

Most people with skin tags have more than one of the beauty marks. If you want to remove all of them, ensure the product can handle all. Sometimes you may be forced to purchase a second solution but it’s not always necessary.  

Removers that use carbon ion freckles, for instance, work until their batteries go off or if they run out of the carbon ions. Cream solutions remove up to 5 moles at once. Others remove just one or two moles. This number largely depends on the price and manufacturer. 


Are they better than a doctor’s Operation?

You can easily undergo a mole removal surgery for less than $200. If you have the money, is there a reason to buy removal solutions?   

If you only have a single mole on your skin, surgery is a safe and effective method. The problem kicks in when you have to pay for two or more operations. A good doctor could charge you $200 for two operations and $50 for each subsequent skin tag. But once you analyze all the costs involved, a procedure through surgery isn’t cheap. As such, mole removers are undoubtedly cheaper than going to the surgeon room.   

Other than costs, mole removers offer almost the same efficiency as a surgery. They aren’t on the same level since solutions always leave spots behind. But they aren’t spots that can bother you.   

The Best Mole Removers?

 Moles can be removed in any of multiple ways. 

  • Excision

At home, people will advise you to cut off the unwanted moles using scissors or a knife. It isn’t recommended by doctors most of the time. With hospital excisions, a doctor cuts off the skin tag effectively because they are trained and know how to do it professionally. 

  • Shaving with a Scalpel

This is yet another technique you could do at home. The only problem is that the scalpel must be sterilized for you to do it effectively without infecting your skin. You also need your dermatologist’s approval- -otherwise shaving the mole could lead to an infection and further complications.

  • Freezing

Some skin tag removers use liquid nitrogen to freeze off moles. Doctors carry out the procedure in a matter of minutes without any complications. You can also do it at home without any guidance. In fact, most creams work around the idea of freezing the beauty marks. They take a few hours or days and are almost always effective.

  • Laser light Removal

The procedure is done by doctors for obvious reasons. It’s unsafe to do at home. Besides, knowing how to do it right without harming your skin is almost impossible unless you are a professional. It works best for moles situated in hard to reach areas like behind the skin and when removing multiple skin tags once.

  • Laser Carbon ion Freckles

We just said laser mole removers aren’t safe. Scratch that. These days, manufacturers sell special laser beauty products that use carbon ion freckles to remove skin tags. They are safe, battery powered and instantly efficient.   

To Conclude

Don’t live all your life wishing to remove your skin tags. Order a safe, easy to use and often highly effective mole remover online. Decide whether you want a cream solution or a carbon ion product. Follow the instructions and bid goodbye to the annoying skin tags.


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