Did You Know The Places Where These World Giants Started Their Empire?

All You Need to have a Garage to succeed in the business empire.Funny way of analyzing…Love this photo. Feel free sharing your thoughts in the comments below.

It’s inspiring to think those who built these big successful companies started humbly and small. It encourages us all to grow in our lives and in our businesses. However, it does not mean all are will achieve what these select few did, but to become our best selves and grow at our own pace and to our own goals.

Initial struggle of mammoth MNCs….You Won’t believe…This needs to be in a commercial with the song “In the Garage” by Weezer playing in the background. Great photo!

Now..See the present stunning headquarters of these giants…

Universal education isn’t necessary to be successful. For some, it is the right path. For many, success is found in other learning than traditional academic routes. The time we value ALL those options including the ones recognized in these pictures.
Patience and Dedication are what we need in every aspect…
Ideas, Ideas, Ideas… today to start a business you don’t even need a garage, you just need an idea and to be online.
I see people who come from backgrounds privileged enough to have garages, that they aren’t cramped in minimal housing with no spare space.

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I think it shows these things come after a certain base level of prosperity is already achieved, that it is a good funded public school system and maintained infrastructure and another social spending at enables successful enterprises such as these to form and prosper.
Poverty is only a permanent state if you aren’t willing to change and seek & see the opportunities that exist.
Inspiring story
Now this makes you think!! …..in 2006, a student invited 5 people over his room of his parents house to discuss a business opportunity.
Only 2 of the 5 people showed up.
Today those two people are Billionaires:
Dustin Moskovitz, accountant and gen mgr now worth $9.9 Billion…
Eduardo Saverin, salesman now worth $5.8 Billion…
And the guy they met that night ?
None other than Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, whose current net worth is: $35.7 Billion.
There’s nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity.
Failing to pick up a piece of gold buried in the sand of a beach you frequently walk upon is always detected by another source.
Every great discovery and business is established with the base of a real quest of exploration and the genuine need to achieve success, when the breathe becomes difficult in the presence of oxygen, it’s time to change the way you breathe. Because the journey of big is also started with small consistent steps!
Everything starts small but doesn’t mean it is destined to end small.
It depends on how well you struggle and how hard you push the boundaries to get bigger and bigger.
Passion to make a difference is one of the key in the entire life cycle of human beings and their products and ideas.


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