Instagram and SEO: Things You Need to Know

Instagram and SEO: Things You Need to Know

Halloween is over, and Christmas is on its way! Isn’t it the best time for the businesses to start gaining recognition? It definitely is. Instagram has undoubtedly been a great help to a number of businesses all over the globe, as they have not only helped in optimizing a few business websites but have also given them more website followers than what they could have imagined.   

If you are still clueless as to how you can optimize your business, you need to know that an Instagram is not only a social media platform, but it is the best asset that can help you with the complete process of SEO. According to, 36% of B2C brands believe that Instagram is extremely important for them.   You need to consider the following tips if you want to make your brand visible before Christmas.   

Ensure that your brand is sticking to the domain authority

When your business is sticking to a particular domain authority, the search volume automatically starts increasing. All the owners of a business, whether big or small, are aware that their brands are essential for selling.   

But the manner in which the brand is marketed in order to make a place in the hearts as well as minds of your Instagram followers, as well as other users, is the most important and crucial thing, that will provide you popularity over Instagram. You should ensure that at least 1000 people are looking at your post regularly.   

Instagram and SEO: Things You Need to Know

Hashtags help in relevancy as well as the keyword density

If you play with the trending hashtags, which are capable of complimenting your business, you will gain a position where your brand is going to be the most talked about. This will also help in making the service or product relevant to your Instagram followers as well as other Instagrammers.   

Making use of hashtags that have relevance with the keywords help in increasing the content density, which is also extremely beneficial. Use only those hashtags that are being searched highly, as they have a direct impact on the ranking and also help in contributing to making the business website Search Engine Optimized. You can also visit reputed websites to get more real followers for Instagram.   

Link your other social media accounts

In order to gain more exposure, it is crucial that you link all the other accounts like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more, with your Instagram account. This will make it convenient for you to share the posts of Instagram to these social media platforms as well, along with a mesmerizing and enticing caption. When you link your accounts, it helps in widening the scope of brand exposure. This is going to have a huge positive impact on the SEO rank.   

Provide your website link in your bio

Ensure that you are providing your website link in your bio, so that people can follow your website easily, directly from the Instagram account. Since this is going to impact the search volume, it can influence the SEO rank to a huge extent.   


If you consider all these things, you will definitely be able to work on the Search Engine Optimization of your website. 


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