Innovative ‘EcoCab’ a 3-wheeled pedal-powered taxi to save the environment

What this world really requires is a revolution which can reduce pollution and create a toxic free environment for the next generation. If we speak about pollution, then the burning fuel from the automobiles is the major cause of it. 

If we can take control of at least this pollution creator, then we can reduce the level of daily pollution by 5% that means 60% a year. When more and more countries around the world are turning their heads towards green vehicles, we could see drastic reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 

‘EcoCab’ is an innovative vehicle and environmentally focused program that provides free transportation to consumers in the areas that they live, work and play. Their unique free shuttle service is funded by their brand, event and venue partners, who utilize their EcoCab fleets to advertise to consumers and interact with passengers while on route. EcoCabs are in operation between six months to full year round depending on the cities climate and weather conditions. 

Credit: EcoCab
An EcoCab is a 3-wheeled pedal-powered taxi that combines a futuristic outer body used to protect passengers with a revolutionary battery assistance system, which offers passengers a truly fun and friendly transportation experience.
Driven by specially trained drivers acting as both city and brand ambassadors, their fuel-free vehicles are able to easily navigate through congested city streets and provide convenient door to door shuttle service between downtown buildings, entertainment attractions and special events. 
EcoCab continues to expand across North America and its pedal-powered vehicles and free shuttle service show no sign of slowing down. With this rapid growth, comes great opportunity and the ability for both people and their brands to get involved in this unique program. 
Whether your interests are to open a year round EcoCab operation in your own city or you simply want to use their vehicles for an upcoming marketing campaign or brand promotion, they want to hear from you. Their turnkey program allows brands, agencies, events and venues the ability to utilize their eco friendly vehicles as needed while consumers get to enjoy a no-cost commute to the events that make up their everyday lives. 
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