How to Use Influencer Marketing to Boost Your Traffic and Conversions

Most of us now look for recommendations before making a purchase. We read online reviews, look for advice from friends and trust expert opinion before buying something. This is where influencers come into picture. They can make a huge different to marketing and sales. They can promote your products and services in a vast network, helping increase their footprint and visibility quickly. (Image: Getty Images)

With social media platforms growing in clout and reach, it’s only obvious that more businesses benefit from influencer marketing and widen their appeal. So, choose a right influencer and achieve marketing goals easily.

Here are some tips to use influencer marketing to boost your traffic and conversions –

1. Know which influencers matter to your business

Not all influencers are alike. And not all of them would be helpful for your cause. So, the first target for you is to find those people who will matter to you. You need to check which influencers matter to your target audience; whose voices command more respect in your niche and who can provide relevant information to your potential customers. The selection of a good influencer will also depend on what audience you want to cater.

2. Be clear what you want influencer to do

Before finalizing an influencer, you must have a pretty good idea about what you want them to do. Whether you want to drive traffic to your site, or want to spread information about some product, want people to think or act, all this should be known beforehand to find a suitable influencer for the task. You can just look at your competitors and find out which influencers they are leveraging.

3. Engage with the influencers you want to benefit from

Once you have zeroed in on some influencers for marketing, take step to engage with them and let them know you have interest in their expertise. You can comment on their content, join their circle of conversations, share opinions with them on different matters and so on. You can share their posts, guest blog for them, exchange content with them with the focus to connect personally. From there on, you can take things forward.

4. Reach many influencers simultaneously

Reaching to many influencers is always a good marketing strategy as this will get you a bigger basket to choose the best from. To do that, you need to be an additive force by contributing to the content, and also be becoming a conversation starter in the domain. You need to show influencers your depth and range as a content creator and then also engage in exchange of ideas and posts.

5. Consider payment to influencers

It’s a wrong strategy to think of paying to people for promoting your brand on social networks or on their site. If you did that, all your effort would be found out as a paid marketing which does not interest anyone. You however can consider paying people for their indirect contribution to your content. Money or lack of it should never come in the way of your attempt to finding motivated people for brand promotion.

6. Do the number crunching

Once you have tried out different influencer and marketing strategies, sit down and do the number crunching to see their real-time impacts. Track the numbers to see how influencers have affected your target audience, conversions, traffic, leads and sales. This tracking can help you understand the utility or futility of influencer marketing and you can then plan the next course of actions accordingly. You can also take help of a web designing company for having all the elements of the site work smoothly and properly.

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