Indian Student Invents the World’s Cheapest Ventilator at $4 to Help Corona Patients

The ventilator is used when a patient is serious and requires outside support for breathing. It’s a life-saving device and in the present scenario Coronavirus pandemic across the globe, the shortage of ventilators is a prime concern for many countries especially in India.

Ventilators have become synonymous with emergency care. Unfortunately, due to the high cost, it becomes inaccessible for many small hospitals and patients at the time of medical emergency.

India is a country where you will find amazing talent and skills among the new generation. We find many new inventions in the field of medical and healthcare area in recent months.

The Indian government is remarkably doing its best to fight against an invisible enemy i.e. COVID-19 that is exponentially increasing in India but at a slower rate compared to many developed countries in the world. Thanks to the Shri Narendra Modi government, it has a ‘Will’ and ‘Proactiveness’ to mitigate the Coronavirus effect in this difficult situation.

If there is a sudden spike of Coronavirus patents, India will definitely have a huge problem. No country has enough ventilators, no nation will be able to cope with the epidemic. Dealing with a surge will surely be a challenge. Therefore, measures like Lockdown are the best way to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Student Invents Low-Cost Ventilator

At a time when the entire world is facing a critical shortage of ventilators, one inspiring story of an engineering student Trilok Sawant residing in Mumbai who has developed an automatic portable ventilator called “Spandan”. It’s the world’s cheapest ventilator to help COVID-19 patients, costs just $4 (INR 300). A single controller can be used for 6 ventilators, thereby bringing down the cost to INR 930 for six units. He is a final-year electronics and telecommunication, an engineering student.

The ventilator can be used for treating 4 patients at a time and can be easily moved anywhere by patients, even it can be used at home. According to a 21-year old ventilator innovator, he made this prototype device using items available at home in just 8 hours! The ventilator can run with both electricity and battery. His device can be used to send medicines through wind-pipe. The model is scalable and has a very low-cost.

To appreciate the Trilok’s effort, North Mumbai BJP MP Gopal Shetty visited his residence to see the ventilator along with Dr. Bipin Doshi and an experienced mechanical engineer to evaluate the basic model. They appreciated the invention and said that this ventilator would be very useful to the country in the present healthcare crisis.

This is truly a ‘Make in India’ initiative! Congrats to Trilok Sawant for his remarkable and innovative Ventilator to help patients in challenging times. Indian government agencies should come forward and focus on his invention for further development.


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