Indian Start-up Develops Wasteshark, a Water Surface Cleaning Drone!

Every year, millions of people contract water-borne diseases and move on to the next world, most of them being children. Some corporations are tapping our supply for increasing their output, while others are contaminating our rivers and streams with toxic chemicals. 

These chemicals eventually end up in our drinking water supply and we’re completely oblivious to this reality thinking someone in the government is protecting our water supply. 

Many established companies and even budding start-ups have realized the gravity of the situation and are coming up with innovative ideas to get the planet out of this water crisis.

The ocean is the last great frontier. Over the next decade, the maritime sector is likely to see one of the largest changes since sail gave way to steam and will undergo a profound transformation in coming years. 
Indian Start-up Develops Wasteshark, a Water Surface Cleaning Drone!
Indian Start-up Develops Wasteshark, a Water Surface Cleaning Drone!
It covers most of the Earth’s surface, produces 70% of our oxygen, and is a significant source of food and jobs. It’s also an increasingly contested battle space, as nations seek to protect their waters and resources.

The developing countries like India’s water bodies are dying a slow death. With water pollution on a continuous rise, many major rivers, lakes, beaches of India are in grave danger.

To address the issue of water bodies contamination, an Indian start-up Sagar Defence Engineering Pvt Ltd has developed a large water drone ‘Wasteshark’ with an underwater mouth capable of gobbling up 350 kg of waste in eight hours before needing to deposit it elsewhere for processing.

In addition to collecting waste, it also sends back valuable data to ground authorities, including information on the quality of water, the weather, and the depth of the river/ harbor. It can be controlled through remote or it is capable to perform its tasks without any human intervention.

Indian Start-up Develops Wasteshark, a Water Surface Cleaning Drone!
Honorable Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Visited their booth at the World Environment Day Expo in Delhi
The former Merchant Navy official Mr. Nikunj Parashar is the founder of the company aims to provide new innovations and complete Unmanned Marine Vehicles solutions in Commercial, Defence, and Scientific sector. 

He is a Master mariner having a sailing experience of more than 14 years, prior starting this start-up he was with Maersk tankers Denmark. His company is striving to meet the never-ending needs of technological competency in the Maritime sector, as even the smallest problem in water becomes very large and expensive to solve.

The start-up aims to build systems and applications which caters for a broad range of technology and innovative solutions for the Unmanned Marine, Submarine and Airborne industries relating to various commercial sectors like Oil & Gas, Inland waterways, Oceanography, Disaster Management and scientific research community at large as well Indian Navy, Coast Guard and Border Security forces.

The Wasteshark is recently tested at Aksa beach in Mumbai and the public demonstration in Lonavala is planned later this month. Beginning with Aksa beach, the artificial intelligence-enabled vehicle called Wasteshark will scour the surface of the sea and collect garbage and waste material even before it reaches the beach.

Two meters long, 1.75 meters wide and 75 cm deep, Wasteshark is a rectangular box with a basket underneath. After being fed data with the help of software called Ground Control Session, it can venture four km into the sea and stay on its surface for eight hours and collect 350 kg of floating garbage in any form. 

It can gather everything from plastic wrappers and bottles to bio-waste as small as weeds in its basket. According to the Sagar Defence officials, their innovation is already in use in Durban, South Africa.

Launched in 2015, the company took 18 months to develop this self-funded idea. “Besides plastic and other litter, Wasteshark can filter chemicals from the water and extract alien and pest vegetation. 

Equally, at home in urban and rural settings, it can also gather data about the pre-selected marine environment that it roams in and simultaneously communicate with other unmanned machines and drones in the area,” said Kanishka Vardhan Namdeo, the chief technical officer of Sagar Defence as reported in Mumbai Mirror.

The unmanned marine vehicle Wasteshark can be used to collect marine debris from the oceans and for rescue operations during any calamities. The solution puts no human life at risk and reduces OPEX by more than 60% and CAPEX by 45%. 

Sitting at the surface, the UMSV is one of the unmanned systems capable of collecting and communicating ocean data, real-time, through unpredictable conditions. Comprising of the military grade technology, the same technology can be used in surveillance, search and rescue, disaster management, oil exploration and aerial systems.

Using their technology, the company has recently done survey and cleaning of the marine debris in a project with the eminent Vanoord at Rotterdam. The start-up has won many prestigious awards, such as Startup by IESA Technovation Awards 2017, Winners of disruptive technology by IC2 Lab, University of Texas, Austin, USA; the most promising Startup in Aerospace and Defence by IESA Deftronics Awards 2017.

Water is a scarce resource and we need to act quickly before our whole planet starts to look like a desert. Start-ups and companies are doing their bit but every individual will have to play its role in conserving water. We can also use technology to detect and prevent wastage as the aforementioned start-up did.
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