Indian startup Auro Robotics has developed the driverless shuttles Auro Prime in US

The future of autonomous electric cars for various corporates and college campuses is here with the amazing technology of Indian startup Auro Robotics from IIT Kharagpur robotics research group.

The present driverless shuttle is based on autonomous vehicle technology that their core team has developed over 4 years of R&D at IIT and CMU Robotics Institute. Auro Robotics has permanently moved from India to Silicon Valley in the US.

Auro Robotics was originally founded in India by Nalin Gupta and his team, who graduated from the same university as the new King of Google. It’s backed by American seed fund Y Combinator based in Mountain View, Calif., which is where it is incubating as well.  

How does Auro Robotics work?  

Auro Prime uses the latest technology to ensure safe navigation even on busy roads. The vehicle is equipped with Lasers, camera, Radar, and GPS providing it complete 360-degree vision under all environmental situations.

Credit: Auro Robotics  

The shuttle relies on a prior 3D map of the environment, which is created once in a lifetime in the beginning. In all subsequent runs, it uses this 3D map to localize itself and interpret road topography.  

Self-driving shuttles from Auro Robotics (Credit: Auro Robotics)  

Passengers can input their destinations through a simple to use touch screen mounted on the vehicle, or through their mobile app. The underlying software automatically figures out the optimum high-level route to reach safely to the destination.  

Advantages of Auro Robotics shuttles  

• Reduces operating cost by 40-60% (by removing driver cost)  

• Electric powered (no pollution, no noise)  

• 24×7, all-weather operation  

• 100% accident safe  

• No special rails or dedicated pathways are required  

Auro Robotics has also made a driverless shuttle masterpiece but instead of all the legal regulations and rules to be followed or at least instead of waiting for them to change.

Auro has chosen to focus on these small, contained environments largely because they are controlled by private corporations, and thus are not subject to the heavy government regulation that Google and other companies are stuck behind with their driver-less cars.  

Autonomous Parking System – Demo in Simulation (Credit: Auro Robotics)  

The company is currently working on two separate models of their shuttles, so that, depending on the needs of the area, the vehicles can either follow a closed-loop route with pre-defined stops or could be called on-demand to pick up a user and drop them off at a location that they define.

Presently, Auro Robotics is taking pre-orders for Auro Prime sales in US and Europe starting from 2016. You have to register in their site for early beta pilots. You can also able to order Auro Prime through one of their registered distributors nearest to your location.


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