An Incredible Indian has developed an efficient Solar Tracking System which could reduce the energy cost by half

Solar panel tracking solutions are a type of device that hosts mounted photovoltaic panels, which use the sun to generate electricity. Stationary mounts, which hold these panels in a fixed position, can have their productivity compromised when the sun passes to a less-than-optimal angle. Compensating for this, solar trackers automatically move to track the progress of the sun across the sky, thereby maximizing output.

The founder and the director of Children’s Tech Center, Mr. Purushottam Pachpande, who has always tried to imprint Steve Job’s philosophy into the minds of his 10-year-old students, set an example for them by creating a gadget that will help generate six times the energy generated today at half the price – The Solar Tracking System.

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Image credit: Children Tech Center / Purushottam Pachpande

A lake-city (Thane) techie has created a one-of-its-kind device that could revolutionize the civic body’s energy management. If implemented in the city, this technology will transform fixed massive solar panel structures into one moving panel, as well as reduce the issue of power cut considerably.

How does this system work?

“The solar panels installed by the civic body across the city are fixed, and they thus manage to capture only two hours of maximum sunlight each during the day. As they have installed two panels at different angles at each area, they generate electricity from a total of four hours of sunlight, which is enough to light a few lights, traffic signals, and blinkers in the city. The prototype I have made is aimed to solve this wastage.

The children need to learn how to create items that work and become innovators and inventors. The 12 children who have worked with me on this solar tracking device now know what solar energy actually is, how it can be used, and what the challenges while using it is, and this is what science is all about.” said Purushottam, as reported by TOI.

The Solar Tracking System includes light sensors which are placed at the east and west sides of the panel and the sensor that receives more sunlight moves accordingly and adjusts to the sun’s direction.

This ensures that the panel is placed in a way that is directly receiving the light, and thus generates maximum energy that can be used not only for the traffic signals and light but also other electricity-related needs of the Thane city of Maharashtra state, India.

As this innovation was a result of a number of brainstorming sessions and electronic experimentation in his tech center, the children attending the tech center were a major part of the two-year-long project.

About Children Tech Center

It’s a part of Ctlab India Pvt Ltd and is headed by Mr. Purushottam Pachpande (29), with a passion to imbibe scientific values and spirit in the minds of the children. Every child has potential; they just encourage and inspire the children to discover their potential in a creative way.

Their project promotes life-long learning skills to solve together realistic problems and develop a basic understanding of the natural and humanly modified world around them. Information presented in a familiar and mind-engaging context leads to greater understanding and retention, as compared to memorization of facts in isolation. Explore further at Children Tech Center.

In the past several years, tracking technology has made some drastic improvements. Equipment and O&M costs have come down and standards are higher. And now that there are a lot more projects in the field that use tracker technology, it has become a much more bankable aspect of a solar project, and developers are more comfortable using it. (Source: TOI)


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