Indian researchers have developed a new visual device ‘Super Stethoscope’ for lung diseases

Physicians and healthcare workers can now literally see what your lungs are saying, thanks to Indian scientists who have designed a new technology that allows lung disorders to be easily spotted through images of digitally-processed lung sounds.

The old stethoscope could soon be replaced by a smarter device developed by researchers from IIT-Kharagpur and an institute here which converts sound into images to make it easier for doctors to diagnose lung diseases. 
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Developed by researchers of the premier technological institute in collaboration with the Institute of Pulmocare and Research (IPCR), Kolkata, the core technology has been patented after successful field trials.
“The lung sound analyser is non-invasive and very easy to use. It converts signals into images, which makes detection of a disease easier and in-depth. Detection is much more precise,” IIT-Kharagpur, Director, Partha Pratim Chakrabarti said to Business Standard reporter.
The technology is complex but not impossible to understand. In layman terms, most body organs, perhaps all, send out signals. A healthy organ will send out a particular signal, an organ with a specific disorder will send out another and so on. An image is allotted to each signal. After “hearing the lungs”, the signal received is converted to a digital image. When compared to the “healthy” image, even an untrained eye can see a difference in case of a disorder. 
“Once the device reaches a marketable stage, the image can be sent directly to the medical facility by a smartphone. The likely disorder then would take very short time to diagnose. This would be of immense help to rural health centers once it is ready to be rolled out,” said Dr Parthasarathi Bhattacharyya of IPCR. 
The invention was recently featured in medical journal, ‘Respirology’.
(Source: Times Of India)


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