Indian Inventor Gurteja Sandhu got the Fifth Place in the World with more than 1200 Patents in his Name

Science is an important part of our everyday life, even more so than we notice. From our fancy gadgets to the the technologies we can’t live without, from our humble light bulb to the space explorations, it is all gift of science and technology. There have been many great inventors in civilization’s young career. People are always trying to advance technology and methodology in new ways. 

Thomas Edison, the renowned American inventor and businessman, has held the record for the most patents in U.S. history for more than 80 years. Some inventions of Edison are a completely original version of some of the more developed one. The most important invention of electric bulb received a patent in 1879. Thomas Alva Edison’s 1080 patents have been internationally recognized in the register.
One of the world’s most prolific Indian Inventor is Mr. Gurtej Sandhu who has made us proud as an Indian. Gurteja Sandhu has made his name on more than 1,200 patents. 
Indian Prolific Inventor Mr. Gurteja Sandhu (Image source: Facebook)
An Indian researcher in the race to break the record for the most patents registered in the world. A 47-year-old Indian scientist Gurteja Sandhu is at the fifth place among the world’s five largest patent holders. Gurtej Sandhu is an Indian inventor in the fields of thin film processes and materials, VLSI and semiconductor device fabrication. 
Gurtej S. Sandhu is Senior Fellow and Director of Advanced Technology developments at Micron Technology, Inc. In his current role, he manages the Emerging Memory Materials and Advanced Technologies research and development at Micron. 
He has been actively involved with a broad range of process technologies, such as ion implantation, deposition technologies, plasma processing, CMP, Litho and front-end and back-end module integration technologies for IC processing. 
He has been associated with microelectronics technology for over 20 years and has pioneered a number of process technologies which are currently employed in mainstream semiconductor chip manufacturing.
Moreover, he was involved with introduction of a number of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) based processes and innovative patterning techniques for memory chip technology. Dr. Sandhu has authored over 35 technical papers and several hundred issued U.S. patents. Dr. Sandhu is Fellow of IEEE, as reported by Micron.
The following are the first 5 people who have the most patents in the world in 2016. This is for your information.
1- Kia Silverbrook, Is Kia Silverbrook history’s greatest inventor? On the surface, it might seem so. Business Insider calls him the greatest inventor in the modern era. He has received nearly 4732 patents mostly Silverbrook printing, digital electronics, LCD, security inks, internet, chemicals, DNA, patent owners in areas such as mechanical.
2- Shunpe Yamazaki, he was born in Japan in 1942. Though it has lost to the summit Kia Silverbrook, he is a prolific inventor in the field of computer sicence and solid-state physics. His inventions mainly in the area of solar panels, flash memory, liquid crystal display with full 4315 patents in the field. 
3- Paul did Lapse, Australian Paul Lapse did the most patents of 3rd party. Between the years 2000-2015, he was with 1278 patents. Most of the patents are in the area of printing, digital paper, electronics.
4- Lowell L. Wood, Jr, The 74-year-old American astrophysicist and prolific inventor Wood Jr. is credited with the record of 1240 patents. His range of invention covers products such as anti-concussion helmets, drug-delivery systems, and super¬efficient nuclear reactors, among many others. He is also said to have more than 3,000 inventions in the works awaiting perusal by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
5- Gurtej Sandhu, India-born Sandhu among the most prolific inventors with 1208 patents has received and ranks at 5th place in the world. Between the years 1991-2016, his inventions have been mostly on semiconductor devices and film processes.
Almost all cultures / nationalities will have things of their own that they can be proud of. India is no exception. There are lot of things for an Indian to be proud of. 
Indian inventions and discoveries have been instrumental in shaping the face of the current modern world. As an Indian, we must feel proud of Inventor Gurtej Sandhu who has achieved a remarkable name & fame in the area of Innovation.


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