Indian Engineering Students Developed a Solar-Powered AC for Automobile Could Save Rs 10,000 per Annum on Fuel

Great news for drivers! They can now continue to keep the air-conditioning system on during the hot sunny days even when they stop the vehicle and switch off the engine. Thanks to Invention of engineering students in India.

A solar powered air-conditioner for automobiles has been developed by a team of seven students of Gulzar Group of Institutes (GGI), Khanna, Ludhiana, at a cost of approximately Rs 40,000. 
The air-conditioner has a solar panel along with batteries, which get fully charged in five to seven hours.
Engineering Students of Gulzar Group of Institutes display a solar AC in Khanna (Image credit: Tribune India)
Traditional vehicles use the engine to turn the air conditioner compressor on via a clutch, and the alternator to power the fans. When the air conditioning system is turned on, the clutch (which is attached to the compressor’s rotor) is pressed by an electromagnet against a wheel that is always being turned by the engine (via a belt) and the clutch then turns and the clutch finally turns the engine.
The team comprised Prince Rajpal, Pranay Chopra, Harinder Singh, Maninder Singh, Deepinder Singh, Khushkaran Singh and Harjot Singh. While giving information about its configuration, executive director Gurkirat Singh said it contained air-conditioning system of a car of 0.75 ton which runs on a DC motor of 1 horsepower. It works on a 24 volt battery of about 65 ampere current which gets charged by solar panels.
The air-conditioner can run full day during summer, while at night it can run for five hours at a stretch. Unlike the conventional air-conditioners, this solar powered air-conditioner can save Rs 10,000 per annum on fuel. 
The students also presented a research paper “Designing and development of solar air-conditioner system for automobiles” in the IOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IOSR-JMCE).
“The biggest advantage of solar air-conditioner was that we could also run it while our automobile’s engine was in non-running mode, without wasting of fuel energy,” Gurkirat Singh said, reports Tribune India
One of the major benefits of this solar-powered setup is reduced air pollution and reduced fuel consumption, because people tend to keep their engines on (in order to keep the A/C on) on many occasions while waiting in parking lots or at traffic, or maybe while a friend is grabbing a few things in a store, and so on.


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