Incredible Ways Technology is Influencing Beauty

The relationship between technology and fashion has been the major player in the recent advancements of beauty products making fashion products versatile regarding its use.   

Most of the major beauty products brands have started working in harmony with the ever-changing technological trends to come with much more sophistication in their products and spreading brand awareness through social media platforms.   

The integration of technology with beauty products has taken a promising turn. With the increasing use of smart gadgets, things are getting virtual, and the boundaries between the real and virtual world seem blurred.   


With the world’s going rapidly towards virtual alternatives, beauty companies can’t afford to stay side-lined. Major beauty brands started to add technology to their products right from the beginning to the end making technology an integral part of their productions. 

Result Oriented Skin Care Products

  With the increasing demand of hi-tech skin treatment at home has given a huge rise in some various electronic beauty and skin treatment devices that are result oriented and works wonders against signs of aging. The beauty enhancement advance devices entered various regions specifically in the anti-aging and face masks categories.   

The key players of beauty devices such as Unilever, Foreo, and Syneron have been involved in various joint ventures to produce beauty enhancement devices for people to get the skin they want at their home.   

Impact on Traditional Beauty Norms

  There is a considerable impact of 3D technology and printers over the offerings of a beauty of products. One of the major current use of 3D technology in the beauty industry is in the creation and prototyping of beauty products packaging. 3D technology also helps to customize productions according to personalized customer experiences. 

The introduction of fake fingernails and eyelashes equipped with automation sensors allows consumers to direct doors, windows, and switches to turn off and on with wearable automation keeping fashion well synchronized. 

Improved Customer Service and Real-Time Interaction

  The department of customer service and consumer interaction in the beauty industry is significantly impacted by technology. There is a great advancement in the skin care diagnosis tools including DNA testing and skin infections analyzers.   

There is a vast number of the consumer getting influenced by YouTube videos and social promotions thus making a huge impact on purchasing and decision making to choose beauty products.   

One of the most amazing introductions to the world of technological beauty is the Panasonic magic mirror allowing a consumer to try and analyze makeup-looks virtually over them on the real-time basis. It helps consumers to get a suggestion that makes their makeup enhanced exactly according to their appearance and type of skin.  

Reshaping Payments & Delivery Concepts

  There is an all new reshaping of payment methods and delivery concepts by the beauty companies. There have been various online payment and wallets apps such as Google Wallet; Apple pay has brought convenient payment alternative that more real-time and secure.   

Sephora recently got integrated with the Google’s Wallet making it payments more secure, reflecting technology and beauty were working together in harmony.

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