Inbound Call Centre Myths to Debunk!

Incoming and outgoing calls are highly significant for any business, as they carry the potential leads and customers of an organization. Since customer satisfaction is highly significant to uplift the business’s brand image, thus no business ever wishes to allow any threat to its customer experience.

Most companies that lack in-house experts for customer support hire outsourced inbound call center firms, so that an expert partner reaches the customer. Inbound call center services are all about providing call support to a third party partner who wishes to outsource its call support responsibility. Bearing in-house expense of repeatedly hiring and training employees is expensive, thus outsourcing is considered cost-efficient and hassle-free.

By outsourcing to an inbound call centre firm, companies become free from the hassle of agent attrition issues and the responsibility of 24X7-customer support service. Outsourced agents have a team of experts who handle answering services proficiently 24X7, thus it reduces the possibility of any threat.

Nevertheless, several companies even today do not rely on outsourced inbound/outbound call centre companies. They believe in some myths that have nothing to do with reality.

Do you also believe that outsourcing is not safe and hiring in-house is the best? Well, undoubtedly, in-house operations are astounding, but thinking outsourcing can lead to data fraud, and inconsistency in maintaining service operations well is wrong. Even outsourced partners work as an in-house agent and make sure that customer satisfaction is never at risk.

Some common myths about inbound call support need to be debunked! What are they? Here we team up the myths you need to avoid.

Inbound Call Centre Myths:

1. Dissatisfied Customers Come Back.

Many companies believe the myth that unhappy customers tend to come back and re-connect with the business. Well, it is wrong! If you think, an unhappy customer will come back, remember that customers have multiple options in the market to switch to, so why will they come back to you!

To avoid landing up with a negative WOM and subsequently losing other potential customers, it is vital to sustain excellent customer service and make sure that customers always leave with a positive experience.

Outsourcing helps to get experienced answering agents on-board in the budget. Hiring them in-house would have costed high bucks to the company. Thus, outsourcing is anytime safe, as it saves costs and even secures the partners’ business data by following strict policies.

2. Reduced Calls are good.

Many companies live in this delusion that reduced calls are good for the business. Well, reduced calls never mean reduced inquiries and that your services are up-to-the-mark.

It means that fewer people are searching for your services or maybe lacking to reach your offerings. Outsourcing helps to make sure that the business service reaches the target audience on time with adequate offerings.

So, if you wish to boost your customer satisfaction and reach more potential customers on time, do not skip outsourcing!

3. Inbound Call Center Firms Threaten Customer Loyalty.

Several companies believe that outsourcing to a call center partner, businesses threaten their customer loyalty. However, no company loses customers unless you have outsourced to an unreliable partner.

To make sure that outsourcing brings adequate results, outsourcing wisely is indispensable.

4. Lost Customers can be Replaced.

Several companies believe that outsourcing to an inbound call centre, their experts will replace customers who were lost.

Well, there is no doubt that outsourcing helps to get new customers aboard by answering them 24X7, but outsourcing does not mean every lost customer will be the business partner again. Companies can gain new customers with optimum services no doubt, but regaining lost customers is hard.

The customer that left having a bad experience always delivers negative reviews about your company, thus it is vital to avoid customer dissatisfaction at any cost.

5. Inbound Call Center Services Increase Customer Complaints.

Most companies feel that more complaints are equal to more money loss. Well, it is not so!

More complaints do not mean losing customers but it increases the chance for a return on investment. Most customers complain because they want to know about the business, thus saying inbound call center companies cause more complaints is in-correct. Rather, when there is no complaint from the customer for a long time, it becomes a thing to worry about!

More the complaints, the more the outsourced agent gets the chance to explain the business offerings to the prospect and earn satisfaction. Complaints are a potential chance to turn leads into loyal partners, thus efficiency here is indispensable.

6. Inbound Customer Support Outsourcing is Risky.

Among the top myths related to inbound call centre firms, companies highly believe threats to business data from outsourced company’s agents.

Outsourced companies have a team of experts who abide by business terms and policies. They go through a history check before joining and you can even trace their history to know about their credibility. Thus, there is a minimum chance of data theft.

BPOs offering inbound call centre services and outbound support service understand the significance of data for a company, thus they make sure to keep a check on cyber threat issues and any potential data breach opportunities.

7. Outsourced Agents do not Understand the Partner’s Offerings.

Many companies complain that an outsourced partner will not handle their outbound and inbound call center services the same way as an in-house agent, which is why they avoid outsourcing. Well, in-house agents are great, nevertheless, even outsourced partners can help in the same way.

Not all companies can afford to have a separate team for call support, thus outsourcing becomes necessary. Hiring and training demand huge capital investment, thus it is hard for all start-ups to afford in-house operations.

Outsourcing is good for your business health because even outsourced agents feel their partners’ services as their own. They are trained to handle multiple projects with the same ease, thus your call support functions will never be at risk.

Since outsourced inbound call center agents are experienced so they always help you turn prospects into loyal partners. Outsourced partners interact with their business collaborates, know all about their offerings, their potential limitations, and analysing the same, they reach the customer with an adequate answer.

Subsequently, you can outsource without a second thought!

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