What Improvements in Technology Means for the World of Addiction Treatment

When we hear “technological advancements,” a lot of us imagine new phones, new computers, new video games, or new gizmos but not things to help addiction treatments. But why wouldn’t different technological advances also aid people with addiction recovery? It can.   

Treatment for addiction has progressed significantly and that involves applying technology to support patients that need it. When choosing a rehab center, it’s important to note what technologies would benefit you or your loved one in their recovery.  

Sensory Integrating Treatment

Included in these newer therapies performed in dependence treatments is Integration Therapy. This utilizes uniquely designed sensory spaces call Snoelezen rooms. With these areas, more than 65 specially colored LED lights are placed forming projections depicting soothing images like mountains or beaches. They also include ambient noise or music all designed for the patient’s needs and locating feelings to discover the best way to calm down.  

A lot of people abuse substances if they are feeling anxious, depressed, angry, or have other intense disturbances. With the support of a Sensory Integration therapist, it can support the process of correctly identifying these feelings and figure out how to calm themselves without substances.  

Patients usually select light hues like purple, blue, or pink while receiving sounds of waves crashing on the beach or birds chirping while seeing imagery of a forest or a beach as a release. It’s a place for them to safely express emotions and become more aware of their felt sense to control any desires.

Digital Outpatient Treatment

Technology is now readily available for each person in the virtual world. With virtual Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Telehealth, more advanced ways of tapping into that technology arises.  

Telehealth employs the use of telecommunication devices to combine substance abuse and mental health therapy with clients in various regions. Studies have proved that it’s as helpful as a physical intervention and promises to be an encouraging means of substance misuse support and treatment.  

Consumers residing in remote locations with no access to available treatment may benefit from this project as well as those who need to travel around for work regularly. It makes it possible to attend group or private therapy sessions from any location.

Social Media

After therapy, people can sometimes feel like they don’t have the support they need. At this point, people can remain in contact with a therapist and are advised to connect with sober family or friends that empower them in their new lifestyle.  

Many ways exist for them to join into new friendships, but some can feel more contented by reaching out to people on a digital platform like Facebook or other social sites.  

Facebook hosts endless amounts of pages that you can go to and contact other sober people. Interacting with these groups provides daily positive reinforcement and inspiration for every one of those trying to improve themselves.  

Using these platforms, allows a person to find like-minded people with similar experiences and even receive guidance or just extra support. This encouragement along with the friendships can sometimes be the difference between remaining sober or relapsing.  

New technology advancements are constantly arising to improve the treatment and understanding of mental health and addiction matters. When you combine the two it can provide more support to everyone involved such as those who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to seek out the treatment they require.  

It’s essential to illuminate how technology can certainly be a positive influence, particularly for people that don’t have access, it’s still critical to getting the proper aid.  

While the pages you can find on social websites can be a place to find someone to provide quick words of encouragement, they don’t take the place of a knowledgeable and licensed therapist or doctor. Choosing a rehab center is the most effective way for people that are suffering from addiction and shouldn’t be overlooked.


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