Impact of Mobile Technology in Transport Management

Technology has revolutionized our lives. Its progress has greatly influenced the dynamics of almost every business model. Today, mobiles and cell phones come with the latest technologies which support maximum flexibility. The latest mobile phones are nothing less than computers. That is why they are making their way into different businesses as preferred choices for carrying out different tasks.

Mobile Technology in Logistics Management

Along with other industries, mobile technology is affecting the logistics industry too and they are being used in logistics and supply chain management. At every point in the supply chain, the logistics and transportation employees use mobile devices that serve multiple purposes to manage the supply chain more efficiently. These technologies include cameras, tablets printers, barcode readers, GPS locators, RFID tags, etc. Voice recognition software and shared logistics network, etc.

Why Is It Important to Incorporate Mobile Technologies in Logistics Management?

According to analysts, wireless technology can bring efficiency and more transparency in logistics management. The statement that ‘Customer is the King’ has always been used as a mantra in the business world. The importance of the customer can never be ignored. Today, customer’s demands have forced the shippers and logistics operators to come out of their comfort zone and introduce and install the latest software in their businesses to keep up with the speed with which the technology is developing. Applications are being worked upon to improve transportation management and make it more convenient for the drivers as well for the customers.

With 4G and 5G technologies, the world seems to have entered a new phase of progress and the global dependence on wireless technologies has intensified. Being under the influence of mobile technology, many major, as well as minor operations of the transportation industry, are being carried out with the help of mobile applications.

With so many transportation and hauling solutions available, the customers can choose the option that best suits their demands and can also customize the transit too using wireless and mobile technologies.

Increasing Importance of Mobile Technology

The impact of mobile technology is likely to increase in the future and improve the customer’s and driver’s experience. Mobile phones play an important role in providing network coverage for transportation services including

  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Airplanes
  • Ships, etc.

With wireless technology, mobile phones are easier to carry and simpler to operate than regular computer systems. With these benefits, they help create an integrated and cohesive workforce not just in the warehouses but also outside their walls.

Benefits of Mobile Technology in Transportation

The mobile technology offers a number of other benefits for the transportation industry that can

  • Improve the efficiency of its operations
  • Improve customer services
  • Make exchange of information real quick
  • Help in making quick payments
  • Ensure better security
  • Save cost
  • Increase in profit margin
  • Lesser paperwork
  • Save time

Remote Working

One of the major benefits which the mobile phone offers are that the officials can work from wherever they want and whenever they want. Remote working is gaining popularity with every passing day. And now as the pandemic has hit the world, most of the companies have no other choice than to rely upon the mobile and internet technology that can support remote working. Some of the various benefits of Mobile Technology incorporated in

Transportation Management is discussed below:

Mobile Technology: Computer in Hand

Every point in the supply chain management is under the influence of mobile technology. The employees can carry computers in their hands and carry out a number of procedures involving

  • Barcode reading
  • Scanning tags and codes
  • Printing
  • Tracking through GPS

Most of these packages are available online and can be downloaded in the mobiles in the form of applications. For instance, Transport Management Software has solved a number of problems for transport companies. Not only it helps to track the drivers and the package is delivered, but it can also bring everyone including the customer on board and keep every one including the salesperson, receiver, driver, etc updated with every news.

Saves Cost and Time

Mobile technology is playing an important role in transport management. Mobile technologies being multifunctional and simpler can enable the transportation employees to perform all the tasks more efficiently and quickly, saving both time and cost. It has not only helped in easing various tasks but has also helped conserve fuel by advising and suggesting the most immediate route to their goal and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. According to research, mobile technology can help transport companies save more than six million rupees per year with the latest software.

Automation of Various Tasks

While working in the transportation industry, it is compulsory to meet deadlines, follow rules, stick to the schedule, etc. Mobile technology can be used to automate all this data and accurately assess and calculate

Details about fuel charge
The number of required working hours per day or per week
Total time spent in service per week
Driver’s performance


The cost, speed, and dependability of portable communication systems have improved significantly in the last few years. Because of the increasing demands of the customers and growing competition in the market, the latest technology needs to be incorporated as soon as possible. Because the latest technology comes with the latest and smart solutions to the problems. For instance, the communication network has been greatly transformed and improved. It has now become possible to get connected with remote suppliers. The information through mobile technology can be exchanged

  • Cheaply
  • Rapidly
  • Safely
  • Real-Time Information

With the help of Mobile Technology, the content suppliers can now receive and send real-time information and foretell information regarding the traffic situation or about any road blockages and change and suggest a better route for the fleet. This information can be utilized to give more precise ETA data or even re-course vehicles around traffic occurrences. Furthermore, the important details can be incorporated into back-office frameworks to generate more exact and efficient delivery along with course arranging choice help. This information can foretell details about

  • Climate
  • fuel costs
  • 3PL payments

This information helps in freight forwarding in making important decisions regarding transportation which requires the proper arrangement of shipments to be hauled from one point to another.

Ever-Evolving Technology

The ground-breaking cell phone technology is ever-evolving. The world is witnessing how technology doesn’t need to wait for decades, years, or sometimes even months to develop. Just in a matter of days, new technologies supported by new software, better applications become a part of everyone’s lives. From large-sized handhelds to advanced mobile phones to tablets, running adaptable pickup and conveyance applications, empower procedures to be robotized and digitized. Data that supports client connection would then be able to be imparted back to the center continuously and then sent to the required party. Following are some ways of how mobile technology can improve activities include:

  • Identify and spot the signatures while delivering a product
  • Recognize Over, Short, Damage circumstances and start the cargo claims process
  • Scan off the vehicle to dispose of failed deliveries
  • Systematize and normalize interchanges to strengthen transparency and assessment
  • Oversee administrative consistence

Back End Data

By combining the various technologies into one mobile and equipping the employees with them, the transportation companies can gain a competitive edge in the market. The real-time data collected throughout the journey helps track the product and fleet, this in turn provides complete visibility of the whole transit. It makes the whole process safe and secure with minimum chances of error. As the manual tasks are automated the possibilities of human mistakes are also reduced and the company can save both time and loss. It is better than the companies should have the option to adequately oversee immense measures of the information that streams into the organization. To do such, the back-end framework must offer the capacity to cross-examine and direct information on pre-arranged standards.


Mobile applications offer more durable services as they can connect the officials with the clients. With consistent updates and GPS, clients have exclusive requirements of modification and personalization: they are at the focal point of the entire travel. As a result, new and most recent portable applications can offer the clients to analyze various services to choose whatever best suits them, The services may vary with respect to

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Pressing and security
  • Carbon impressions and different focal points all the way from starting to the endpoint of the journey.

This widens the extent of choices for customers. The applications support customers’

  • Necessities
  • Preferences
  • Conditions.

Finally, mobile applications need to specify to you what the best decision right by and by is.


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