IdeaWerk Speed – The World’s Fastest and Affordable Desktop 3D Printer

WEISTEK, a leading Chinese 3D Printer manufacturer developed a Super Fast Desktop 3D Printer allowing to go 5 times faster than the desktop 3D printer available in the market. 

The creator of this Innovative printer is Shenzhen Weistek Co., Ltd – A leading researcher and manufacturer of Consumer (desktop) 3D Printer, Printing Filament and Software which was founded in May 2011 in Shenzhen.

Image source: Kickstarter
The new IdeaWerk Speed can 3D print objects using plastic extrusion at a breakneck 450mm/second, as compared to less than 100mm/second for most desktop units. 
IdeaWerk printer package includes the following parts as reported by Kickstarter:
• IdeaWerk 3D printer
• Heat Bed
• 1.75 mm PLA filament in natural color, 0.75 kg/1 roll
• Spool holder
• SD card (manual and software)
• Power cable (320 cm)
• USB cable (139 cm)
• Wrench, tweezers, cut pliers, Tube filament guide, Cleaning needle
• Power adapter (110/220V)
• Choose your printer’s color: white, red, silver, gray, black
Video source: Kickstarter
It supports both PC connection and off-line printing. It can start printing after plugging the device, inserting a SD card and selecting the file by touching the screen.
Video source: Ideawerk3dprinter

About speed of the printer
Image source: Ideawerk3dprinter

New technology and new printing operation allows the upper motor to stay fixed at a certain height (Z level) moving only the bed up/down and back/forward. This high speed printer has unique configuration and very powerful stepper motors.
Very Important thing – They can remotely assist you to tune or calibrate your printer. Also, you can remotely choose their software (which is included). You can support this campaign at Kickstarter


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