How to Build a Brick Barbecue At Home

How to Build a Brick Barbecue At Home

  The concept of DIY is becoming widespread, and many people are embracing it. This may be because people have realized that they can save a lot when they do these little things by themselves.   

Some degree of fun and excitement also comes with completing a task and seeing that you have built something out of nothing. Because of this, we will take you on the best way to erect a good and usable brick barbecue in your home.  

What You Will Need

Before you start working on the site you have chosen to house the barbecue, you have to, first of all, ensure that all the necessary materials and tools are available. Start by getting the reinforcement bars.   

You will also need materials for the concrete, which will include cement, sand, and gravel, after which you gather the bricks. You will also need fireclay and fine sand for the clay mortar, 2×4 stakes, and 2×10 lumbers for the form of the barbecue, and then the grill and other accessories.   

To be able to carry out the job, you will also need tools like hammer, bucket, tape measure, and trowel for bricklaying. Other tools you will need will include drill machinery, power mixer, screwdriver, and brick saw. For your health and safety, you will need the safety gloves and safety glasses. With these, you can now start working.  

The building of the Barbecue Proper  

Before you start, you have to clear the ground and get it prepared. Start this by using metal grill grates to map out the size and position of the barbecue. This is where you decide the thickness of the walls of the barbecue. Mark the chosen area and clear the ground of all grasses and debris.   

After this, you will need to excavate the marked area to the depth of at least 8″. Now, level the ground with tamper and ensure that the place is made compact. You can use some pea gravel of up to 3″ to compact the ground again and level it with the tamper. By now, the ground is good to go.  

How to Build a Brick Barbecue At Home

  You have to start with the foundation of the barbecue. Start by erecting four batter boards with 2×4 lumber. When you do this, ensure that the shape of the bottom has a V form. This will make it have a stronghold on the ground. Work on the contour with some strings following the batter boards you set out.   

After these, you have to be sure that the diagonals of the rectangles are equal by measuring them. After this, try and achieve a square shape on the corners of the batter boards by adjusting them.  

How to Build a Brick Barbecue At Home

  You can now mix fast drying cement and pour inside the space you have created with the boards. Make sure the hole you made is filled to ground level or a little bit above ground level. Allow this to dry, and then come back for work.  

Dry-Fit the Bricks  

It is time for you to fit the first set of bricks. You have to dry lay them before using the mortar to set them. You do this by laying them end to end close to the perimeter of the concrete slab.   

When you do, ensure that there is a half inch space between each of the bricks. Ensure that they are all square at the corners and mark the outline so that it will serve as a guide for you when you will lay the bricks.   

The next step is to mix the mortar and get it ready by following the manufacturers’ specifications.    When the mortar is ready, trowel a very huge amount of mortar on the place you have marked on the foundation, where the bricks will sit. Press the first brick gently into the mortar.   

Now, place a layer of mortar on one end of the next brick, place it against the first and press it into the mortar. While laying the bricks, ensure that excess mortar is removed.   

Follow this routine until you have finished laying the first course of bricks around the base of the barbecue. After this, step aside and take a look. Ensure that you have a square, level, and plumb bricks. If not, keep adjusting with the trowel handle until it is achieved.   

Lay the Second and Other Bricks

How to Build a Brick Barbecue At Home

  You have to continue with the bricklaying. But this time, lay only on the back and left and right walls, leaving the front open for access to charcoal, grill grates, and ash.   

Start on the second by placing mortar on top of the first course, pressing the brick on top of the mortar, and placing mortar on the sides to cover them. Keep doing this until you get to the final courses.  

How to Build a Brick Barbecue At Home

The Final Courses   When it gets to the fourth course, you have to adjust the way you’ve been laying the bricks. From here, start turning the bricks in a way that they will jut out into the barbeque.   

They will serve as the support ledges for the grill grates. When you allow these at different heights, it will give room for an extra cooking space, and will also make for different heat intensities.   

You have to stick to this format until you get to the height you desire. When you get to the top and final course, use the most solid bricks.  

Finishing the Barbecue

How to Build a Brick Barbecue At Home

  When you have set the top and final course, allow the mortar to dry. After this, you have to use a jointer to create the concave depression by striking the joints with it. After this, scrape off the bits of mortar when the cement is almost cured, and you have your barbecue.

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