How Properly Removing Trash Affects the Environment

How Properly Removing Trash Affects the Environment
In America, we have a ton of waste. Even though we only account for 5% of the world’s population, we produce 30% of its waste. This relates to an endless amount of trash that isn’t getting disposed of properly and in turn, negatively affecting the environment. 

Throughout this article, we’re going to give you some tips and tricks on how to best get rid of your waste and how you’ll help the environment in the process.

Keep Track of Electronics

Electronic waste (or e-waste) has become a bigger problem over the years as we gradually introduce new electronics into our lives. Electronics like computers, printers, and cell phones aren’t meant to be thrown away in landfills. 

When they are, the hard metals that they’re made of seeps into the soil and gets into the groundwater. This inevitably produces carcinogens that people might be drinking unknowingly.

Research trash removal companies in your area specialize in dealing with this e-waste, and they’ll often come to pick it up for free. When dealing with electronics that still work, consider donating it to a charity, thrift store, or a school.

Separate Recyclables

Being aware of your recyclables keeps materials that don’t belong in landfills away from them. Keep in mind that most furniture items made from wood or metal are recyclable. 

Additionally, some plastics are recyclable as well. This keeps our impact on Earth minimal and makes a big difference when we’re all giving a helping hand.

Chemicals and Drugs

When dealing with old chemicals and unused medications, many people think to drop them down the drain. But, this often causes water pollution and contamination. Instead, the answer may be closer than you think. 

Look on the label and look for proper disposing instructions; most chemicals have the answer right on the bottle. When it comes to unused medication, many pharmacies have a take back feature that you can use to get these medicines taken care of.

Reducing Air Pollution

Some trash is okay to burn like paper, leaves, and even some fabrics. But other items like plastic and rubber release toxic fumes when burned. To prevent air pollution, research what items can and can’t be burned before you set fire to your trash.

Recycling is Everything

You really can’t say it enough, but recycling makes a huge impact on the environment. It keeps the environment cleaner by keeping landfills down and reduces the number of toxins that seep into the ground after products break down.

The best way to deal with trash is to think beyond the landfill. There are many other options that you have then just thrown it away that extends the life of your once well-loved items. Consider donating it to a thrift store or a charity. Maybe you can even make some money off of your old things.

If you must throw these things away, be sure to research the best way to dispose of these items or enlist a professional commercial cleaning service to do the dirty deed for you. Taking care of the trash will make a great impact on the environment and in turn make the world a cleaner place to be.


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