How an Order Management Will Make you More Money

How an Order Management Will Make you More Money

There are so many processes involved when it comes to the ordering of a product to and from your business all the way up to the delivery. You might be able to handle all of this just fine if you are a small business owner, but what if you have to deal with sending out hundreds or maybe thousands of products on a regular basis?  

Think about how complex this can get without the use of an order management software to help you be able to quickly track products and stock levels.  

You want the ability to streamline all of these processes having to do with orders and delivery. When you are able to do this you cut out things that add to the time it takes for a customer to get the products they are ordering from you.  

You are able to quickly identify what is what, how many there is, and get all you need at once. The software allows you to input all the information you need into it in order to make all this possible.

Your ability to use order management software to streamline processes from order to delivery is going to help you accurately determine the availability of products in your store.  

This means you will be able to offer superior customer service because you will be able to provide delivery dates to them that are realistic and that you will be able to keep with no problems.  

Truthfully, businesses that deal with a lot of products and do not implement the use of order management software tend to spend too much time doing things that can be either avoided or speed up so as to cut down lead time and costs.  

A small business would definitely benefit from this. Especially if you process a lot of orders.

Features of order management software

An order management software usually comes with the following features:  

  • Customer Information & Search (Names, addresses, order history, preferences, product catalog, pricing, taxing, credits, promotions, support for customer hierarchy etc.)
  • Product Information & Search (description, attributes detail, inventory information quantities, product substitutions, complimentary items, product kits/ groupings)
  • Pricing (rules-based: specific and general contract, discount, promotion, best price comparison and item/group column/volume)
  • Taxing (Order level or line level jurisdictional sales tax)
  • Billing Terms
  • Credit limit management
  • Order Entry (Quotes, Sales Order, Credit Memos, Special Orders)
  • Customer Order History
  • Customer Service (Returns & Refunds) 

Benefits of using order management software

Real-time Stock Control

Manual stock management can lead to a financial loss because it is an inefficient process and frequently marred by mistakes. Similarly, there are many apps which are the best android apps not in play store which can essentially help in making order management and stock control quite easy for you. But, with the right automated system in place, it is possible to maintain full control of stock levels. 

For instance, it is much easier to make the informed production or purchasing decision when it is possible to know at any given moment what is housed in the warehouse. This type of information is easily shared with different departments to make a warehouse that much effect when it comes to replenishing stock. 

Cut operational costs

The most productive software tool is built with tested algorithms that improve the all-around efficiency in a store. This can help to lower the number of workers. It also helps to speed up the ability to fulfill orders and minimize errors in the picking and package stage.  

Greater productivity

The order management software is a sophisticated tool that can greatly help the existing workforce become more productive. The entire ordering process is more efficient because the software stays up to date with the inventory, and there is no need to complete the time-consuming physical checks. 

This streamlined ordering process makes it possible to provide a quicker turnaround on all outgoing deliveries. Also, increased productivity can free up workers to complete other important responsibilities.

Improved customer service

The ability to be fully stocked at all times helps to cut potential delays to a minimum. Order management software makes it easy to have the right quantity of products available for the customer’s needs. 

Also, it is helpful to improve the efficiency of picking accuracy and lower the risk of errors in shipping. The ability to improve product quality and reduce delays has the potential to increase repeat custom from loyal customers.

That being said, you do not have to let all of the processes involved with ordering and getting products to customers overwhelm you. An Order management software certainly helps to make all of these things easy and it can be a lifesaver particularly for those smaller businesses that are fighting to establish themselves against the big players.

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