How Internet Transformed Traditional Businesses

When we first began using the internet to exchange basic e-mails with our acquaintances all over the world, there had been a notion that the internet is an insecure channel for exchanging important information, given high chances of intrusion. In order to improve security many encryption methods have evolved and since then, internet has come a long way.Today we can exchange highly confidential information, store large amounts of data in cloud, carry out large monetary transactions online.

With this, many businesses have turned to the internet to expand their customer base beyond geographical boundaries with ease. Magazines evolved into e-magazines,TV evolved into online streaming, social media started playing a key role in information sharing, and with enormous developments in online security, e-commerce has become a huge business – in short, we have access to everything from the comfort of our homes.

One such business which benefited greatly due to developments in software and online security is – Casinos. 
Land based casinos had low customer reach owing to geographical constraints. Businessmen, engineers and executives alike often prefer to relax in the comfort of their homes, especially after a busy day. With the advent of internet and development of gaming software to recreate the experience of a live one, casinos have moved ahead and spread their roots from their land bases, reaching out to people’s homes; they are called Online Casinos. It is now a multi-billion dollar business on a global scale.
Online casinos majorly deal with gaming and large transactions of money. So, online security and protecting players’ identity is of paramount importance. To determine their reliability and integrity, many regulatory boards have been set up. It is vital that the players choose a licensed one to ensure a secure environment. 
Gaming Experience – 
Online casinos offer a wide variety of games for their users. Basic games like poker, card games, roulette and others have incorporated theme based graphics and animations which are enticing to people with varied interests. Online casinos are either web-based or download-based. Web-based casinos load the game onto your browser, so they require the user to have a broad internet bandwidth. From user perspective, download-bases ones are the best because the graphics, sound effects and animations will all be cached on the computer/mobile/tablet instead of being loaded every time, so they run faster and give a superior gaming experience. 
Exclusivity –
Casinos are much more than just gaming houses. They also include music, sports, and specially tailored events for their members.What with five star treatments of their members and limited membership, a few land-based casinos offer“exclusivity”, which is a symbol of prestige to many and marks their importance in their community. Some online casinos are also striving to provide this sort of exclusivity. 
Here’s one such casino from Australia – They pride themselves in providing world class services to their top customers. Their VIPs are invited to exclusive events and organized trips all over the globe, while being treated with five star accommodation and travel throughout the duration of the trip.
Author – Prathyusha


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