How to Create a Relaxing Yoga Space in Your Home

Yoga practice is a gift and a great way to honor yourself, develop body awareness, and improve your overall health.

Creating a relaxing yoga space in your home will make your practice even more meaningful and will allow you to establish a more consistent routine.

Check out these tips to create a relaxing yoga space in your home:

Choose The Right Room

Yoga is a mind-and-body practice that requires focus. That’s why it’s important to choose a designated space for your routine.

Choose a room that is peaceful, big enough to enable you to practice different exercises, a room that is designed for meditation, which has good ventilation, and whenever possible – soundproof for a distraction-free practice.

If you can’t find a room, look for a good spot instead. It can be in your bedroom or the corner of your living area.

Declutter Your Space

A clean and organized space is crucial to a mindful practice. Go as minimal as you can when it comes to designing your yoga space at home. Whether it’s a room or a corner, it’s all about having a serene space that helps you get into the zone easily.

You also want to make your yoga space purposeful. Every item in this area should have a purpose, so carefully select the equipment and decorations. Whether you’re dedicating an entire room or a tiny corner in your bedroom, make sure it looks clean and relaxing.

Prevent Distractions

Set up your yoga space in the quietest area in your home. You also want to remove furniture and other objects that can block or disrupt your practice.

Many yoga poses involve stretching your arms and legs as wide as you can, so you should have enough space to perform those exercises.

Put away unnecessary stuff that you won’t use. This will not only prevent distraction but will also help you keep your yoga space organized every day. Designate a small shelf, an ottoman, or even a decorative basket where you can put all your yoga stuff after use.

Set The Mood With Soothing Hues And Warm Lighting

It’s best to pick a room or spot close to natural light. If you’re practicing yoga every morning, getting some sunshine can greatly lift your spirit. Plus, you also get a dose of vitamin D.

If you’re practicing late in the day, make sure you set the mood with warm lights. Consider dimmable lights so you can adjust them according to your preference.

Another way to set the mood is to use soothing colors. Great yoga colors include pink, yellow, purple, blue, and white.

Use Scented Candles Or Diffusers

A relaxing yoga space isn’t just about what you see. It also includes what you feel and smell. Scented candles or diffusers are great additions to your yoga space because of their relaxing and calming aroma, which are proven beneficial to your practice.

The thing is we create ‘new emotional pathways’ using scent. It triggers positive emotions that make your yoga practice even more effective.

Not all scents are suitable for yoga rooms though. Do away from artificial fragrances and opt for natural essential oils or candles made of beeswax or soy instead.

Master Your Music Playlist

The right music gives you a quick boost to get ‘in the zone.’ If you’re having one of those days when you lack the motivation to get up and practice yoga, turning on your yoga playlist can inspire and motivate you.

There are several types of yoga music, the most common is instrumental music. Chillout or ambient music is also a popular choice because of their steady beat patterns.

The right music greatly depends on your preference, although some people can meditate better with instrumental music or sounds of nature.

Add A Natural Touch

Nature offers the best backdrop for an immersive yoga practice. Gladly, there are easy ways to incorporate nature into your yoga studio.

One is with water features. These decorative pieces aren’t just calming to the eyes, but also your ears. They create a sense of calm and tranquillity.

Another way to incorporate nature into your yoga room or corner is by placing a plant. Indoor plants can reduce your stress levels, boost your mood, and improve your focus, making them perfect for your yoga practice. You can also place a flower vase or painting of a landscape or nature on the wall.

Keep It Clean And Organized

If you have fewer items in your yoga space, the easier it is to keep it clean. As we mentioned earlier, take away things that you don’t use for your practice.

If you have a small area to work with, consider using the vertical space for storage by installing floating shelves. You can also use decorative bins or baskets to store your yoga essentials.

Lastly, keep a stash of cleaning supplies nearby, such as a disinfecting spray and a few microfiber towels. Make it a habit to clean your mat, yoga equipment, and other surfaces after each practice.


Creating a relaxing yoga space in your home is fun and easy. Yoga is one of the mind-body exercises that don’t require a lot of tools or equipment, which means you don’t need a big space to set it up.

Your main goal is to create a calming environment by decluttering your space, choosing soothing colors, and adding a touch of nature, among others. Lastly, keep it organized and clean so you can have a wonderful yoga session each time.


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