How To Avoid a Snake Encounter

How To Avoid a Snake Encounter

If you like going on adventure or hiking, there are a lot of risks you could witness on your journey. Especially if you are destined to the woods, you must know that a bush can be a dangerous place. It is where dangerous animals hide.   

Snakes for example being cold-blooded reptiles like to build their nest inside thick bushes or under falling logs. This should be taken care of while traveling in the woods. Understanding all these parameters will help manage an encounter and mitigate the human-wildlife conflict.   

Before heading out to the woods visit environmental consultants in Brisbane who can advise and guide you more about snakes so that you have known well in advance.  

Here are some of the tips you should follow to avoid a snake encounter and what to do in case you encounter one:  

Wear boots and long pants  

Going barefoot with sandals might sound like a good idea but not when you are in the woods. You might not even realize when you get bitten. So make sure you wear proper hiking boots and full pants. It will provide an added layer of protection from unexpected snake encounters and protect you from accidental snake bites.  

Stick to trails and away from a tall bush  

Snakes generally hide under the bushes. Predators like snakes generally avoid extreme temperatures and want to stay cool. The trails have fewer hiding places for snakes. To avoid encountering a snake stick to trails would offer a level of protection for you.  

Look for concealed snakes  

Snakes can camouflage themselves pretty well. They quietly wait for their prey under the rocks and hence are difficult to see. You must carefully inspect rocks or logs that you pick up. You might accidentally disturb a snake. Never venture into tall grasses as they could be potential hiding spots for dangerously venomous snakes.  

Never ever disturb a snake  

If you happen to encounter a snake accidentally never try to disturb it. Snakes use hidden position to strike and are almost spontaneous. They always kill the prey by surprise.   

Even if the snake appears to be dead never try to touch it or examine it. Some dead snakes are also known to bite as a matter of reflex. Call for snake catcher in Brisbane who have 24 hrs snake removal service. They have special tools to take care of the job.  

Never hike alone  

It’s always good to have a hiking partner along when you go hiking. You never know when you are in a crisis situation, and your fellow hiker is bitten by a snake.    Both can mutually be of help to each other in case of a snake bite. If you are alone, then you might end up panicking which could be dangerous in case of snakebite.  

What if you are bitten by a snake?  

The first and the foremost thing you must do is to stay calm. Panicking speeds up your metabolism and spreads the poison even faster. The shock causes more damage than the bite itself.  

Try to identify and know more about the snake if you can. You are never sure whether you are bitten by a poisonous snake. In any case, you must do the following things. 

  • Drink a lot of water or any fluid.
  • Apply a dressing to your wound and make sure it’s sterile.
  • Never try to squeeze the bite or suck the venom out with your mouth it could prove fatal.
  • Never apply a tight bandage around the wound as some myths say.
  • Finally keeping calm is the key while you breathe gently and slowly.

Call for medical help urgently if you suspect you might have been bitten by a neurotoxic snake. Never try things that might actually worsen your situation.


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