House Maintenance Guide to Improve Home Quality

The key to a healthy and safe home environment is home maintenance. Today, we will be giving you guides on how to improve the quality of your home. A quality home environment is one that has been kept clean and in good shape.

House maintenance is one free from problems that range from poor air quality in the form of mold to disease-carrying rodents and insects.

Here’s a guide to help you improve the quality of your home

Do a House Observation

Observing your house is not a big deal or a difficult task; it can be done as a game of wonderment. Observe the potential problems around your home by knowing where to look and what to look at.

maintenance checklist

Places to check out include the following;

• Discolored or peeling paint inside or out.
• Cracks in walls, especially those at the windows and door corners.
• Siding at deck connections, lower levels, under the windows and doors, and around the chimney.
• Water that pools or runs toward the house.
• Soft, unstable, or discolored floors near exterior doors. These are doors that are majorly in the bathroom, around the toilets and tubs.
• Cracked floor such as the kitchen tiles.
• Basement.

Now that you know the places to check, here’s a guide on what to check
• Look for texture and color changes.
• Look for cracks, water, insects, and rodents.
• Listen for noises or squeaks.
• Smell for musty odors.
• Touch discolored areas to check for dampness.

Dust Control

Dust can be such a significant health hazard as it does not only contain the feces of dust mites, which causes allergies and aggravates asthma but also carry chemicals from items such as lead and pesticides.

Always use a dampened cloth to dust things off and routinely wash off dust prone items.

You can also get an expert cleaning service to assist you.

Septic Tank Maintenance is Key

Septic Tank maintenance is essential not just for your household but also for your neighborhood.

To maintain your septic tank, it’s advisable to do a regular septic tank pumping.

Septic tank pumping helps to empty the septic tank and stop it from overflowing.

Maintenance essentials for the septic tanks include the following;

1. Never drive over cesspool covers.

2. Avoid placing heavy objects on the covers.

3. Never lift the lid off the septic tank even if it’s to check the levels.

Vacuum All Floors

Make sure that all carpets are vacuumed at least twice a week. Get a vacuum cleaner that comes with a HEPA filter as it will not only help remove dust but also remove pet fur, dirt, dander, and other contaminants that are capable of sickening people inside the home. Vacuum behind furniture and other objects to get all dust-out.


Remove your shoes before entering to help keep dirt levels and other harmful substances out of the house. This is because shoes can track anything that has been stepped on into the home, from as little as dirt and chemicals to feces and much more.

Check Out the Windows and Walls

If not properly maintained windows and walls could be a source of health problems. Make sure to inspect and repair both the walls and the windows to improve home quality. Replace and repair any caulking around the doors and windows helps to prevent drafts and excess moisture.

Walls should be carefully checked for termites and rodents and cracked windows should be replaced or repaired. Check that the screens are intact to ensure that pests and rodents are being kept out.

Check Out the Exterior

Look for signs of wear and tear and make the appropriate repairs to any part. Check for decays and damages to the trimmings around the doors and the windows. Repaint and repair home sidings and trims that have become loose or the places where paint has begun to peel off.

Control Moisture

Moisture in the home causes mold that can cause numerous health problems and also creates an attractive environment for rodents and insects. Repair all leaky sinks or pipes as quickly as possible to reduce the risks and control moisture.

While cooking or showering try making use of exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom respectively, if you can’t get or afford exhaust fans, try opening windows. Also, repair all leaking roofs as quickly as possible.

Clean Air Filters

The most often overlooked part of home maintenance is the house air filtration system. Air Filters can get damaged due to dirtiness or clogging, and it can result in breakdowns or fire outbreak. A clean air filter helps in keeping pollution out of the air and helps improve home quality.

To keep them clean all you need do is to take them out and clean them or replace them. Clean it once a month and do this outside the home to keep the dirt from circulating in the house.

All these guides are proper house maintenance techniques and also help to improve the quality of your home.


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