Hitting The Jackpot Online

Is there a fortune waiting for you in the future?

  We all dream of winning a life-changing prize. The chance to pop the Champagne and never having to go to work again. It’s what keeps millions of people across the globe buying lottery tickets every week, hoping that this time will be their time.  

Of course, these days, it has never been easier to grab that jackpot, with endless ways to hit the big time online. From lotteries to online slots, casinos to poker tournaments – there are endless opportunities to make it big from the comfort of your own armchair.   

Plus, there are some impressive competition prizes out there if you take the time to dig around online and find them. So let’s take a look at some of the ways you really can make that dream come true!  

Lottery wins  

No one does lotteries quite like the United States, with mind-boggling amounts of money regularly up for grabs in city and state lotteries up and down the country.   

In January 2016, three tickets shared a record lottery win totaling a breath-taking $1.586bn – that’s more than a dollar for every single person in China. The highest individual win was the $758million won by Mavis Wanczyk of Massachusetts in August 2017.  

The Euromillions lottery also offers prizes that run into the multi-millions, with the prize fund cap of $221m reached, and won, at least three times in recent years.   The odds of winning the lottery may be extremely low, just 1 in 139,838,160 in the case of the Euromillions, but people do win and win big.  

Online Casinos  

If you don’t like the odds of winning the lottery, or you’d rather trust your skills than the random draw of numbers, then there are plenty of big money opportunities available at online casinos. Online slots often have enticing jackpots that can be won with a single spin with your loose change.   

You may think that these mega-jackpots are just for show, but there were no less than nine million-dollar winners on one site alone last year, including a Ukrainian man who won a payout of over $2.5m with just a 50 cent stake.  

There’s plenty of other ways to win at online casinos too, with roulette, craps and a whole host of card games available to play, from baccarat to blackjack (as well as regional variations such as Sic Bo, which is popular with Asian players).  

Poker tournaments  

Online or live at the top table, skilled poker players can often reap huge rewards, especially when it comes to the multi-million dollar poker tournaments, with guaranteed prize pots.   

In 2018, the World Series of Poker had a total prize pool of $74m with the winner, John Cynn, walking away from $8.8m richer. This year’s World Championship of Online Poker had $116m guaranteed over a series of games.  

Top competitions  

Of course, you don’t even have to win the games to win big these days, with so many great promotions available online. The online casino market has become so hugely competitive that the different sites are constantly trying to out-do each other to try and win new customers.   

Search around and you will find a wide range of promotions available to try and tempt you in.  

While these competitions may be commonplace, every so often one comes along that raises the bar to a whole new level, with once in a lifetime prizes on offer such as the Ultimate Player’s Trip.   

This amazing prize takes you to three of the world’s top gaming venues, including Las Vegas, Monaco, and Macau (which recently overtook Vegas as the world’s number one gaming venue).   

With five-star hotels throughout, plus a range of extras including a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon and a supercar experience in Monaco, this prize has really thrown down the gauntlet to other operators to up their game so there may be many more great prizes appearing in the coming months.  

With so many ways to win these days, we can all afford to dream a little, whether we’re spinning the slot wheels or the roulette wheel, or just watching those big money numbers drop in the lottery draw. After all, someone has to win, and as the UK lottery slogan used to say: it could be you! 


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