How to Get High-Speed Internet without Cable or a Phone Line

Most people usually get their home internet connections in tandem with their TV cable and phone lines. This is because many popular connections, such as Spectrum Internet have various bundles on offer. Also, it is often easiest to get internet through your cable and phone lines. However, this trend is now changing.

In 2021, it is rare for a family to sit together and watch television. It is rarer still for your landline to ring. As all adults and many children now have personal smartphones to talk to each other with, house phones are little more than ancient relics. Although, while people’s old telephone sets gather dust in some corners, modern TVs are still in use. 

Nevertheless, few people now use their TVs to watch cable television. Instead, they prefer using on-demand streaming sites such as Netflix or Disney+. With today’s fast-paced life and work, it’s hard for anyone to take out time to catch live TV programs. This is why more and more people are now realizing they don’t need a cable or phone line at all. 

But before deciding to cut the cord, they are left with a question. Can you still get a fast-speed internet connection without cable or a phone line? The simple answer is yes. Here’s how.

Run with Research

The best place to start is from the basics. If you’re looking for an internet connection without the overhead costs of cable TV and a phone line, you probably have a tight budget. That means you have to make the best possible financial decision you can. Therefore, you need to conduct thorough research. Your internet options depend on where you live. So first, you need to narrow down all the networks that offer internet in your area.

You can do this by searching online, or by questioning your friends and family. You can even ask your neighbors! A thorough survey of your options will not only ensure you know what’s popular but will also get you honest reviews.

Once you have gathered your data, you can get more details straight from the horse’s mouth. By calling or emailing all networks in your area, you’ll discover all the plans they have on offer. They could even tell you of special promo packages. By comparing all offers, you can easily make a decision. Hence, you will ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Cut the Cable

Did you know that cable companies can offer you cable plans…without the cable TV? If you did your research well, probably. If not, well, now you do.

Cable TV and cable internet are two different things. This means that many companies let you buy one without the other. You can buy a great internet-only cable plan if you know exactly what you want. Also, it’s one of the most reliable internet options you can select. Faster than satellite and DSL internet, cable internet is a decent and affordable choice for many.

Opt for Optic

The fastest and most reliable internet you could get today is through fiber optic. With fiber optic, you send data from your computer to a server. Then, the server provides you with quick results. If internet connections were cars, this would be a Bugatti. But there’s a catch. Not everyone can own a Bugatti.

It’s not that a fiber optic internet connection is very expensive. For its performance, it’s decently priced. However, it is not available in all locations. This means it is not always an option you can consider. But you’re lucky enough to have it work in your area, it won’t ever let you down!

Fiddle with Fixed-Wireless

Fixed-wireless internet is fast, reliable, and underrated. It works through fixed-wireless transmitters that shoot Wi-Fi signals into their vicinity. If you live in clear sight of one, you’re in luck!

Dive into DSL

DSL internet is not as fast or reliable as other options. But it’s widely available! You don’t need a landline to use this, but only a phone jack. Don’t make this your first option, but don’t rule it out either!

Settle for Satellite

In the unfortunate scenario that you are stranded in a remote, rural area, satellite internet may be your best bet. It’s the fastest and most reliable internet option you could get—if there are no other contenders. Good luck!

Hit the Hotspots

Many internet retailers, such as Cox Internet, have Wi-Fi hotspots that you can use when outside the home. In very dire situations, you can always head to your nearest free public Wi-Fi hotspot! It may not be the best, but beggars can’t be choosers.

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