Healthy Environment with Green Real Estate

Homeowners want a healthy environment to live and to raise their families. They want to have a good impact on the earth around them. They understand the impact that homes have on their health and wellbeing. Their quality of life and living environment is utmost of importance. There has been a shift in attitudes and inactions when it comes to building homes. Healthy homes are now havened for healthy living and environmental sustainability.

Green is Hot! Green is Good! Green is Popular! Green is here to stay for a healthy environment

Many builders and architects are beginning to specialize in this design style. Green building is much more than a trend. The real estate market now takes into consideration the building’s air, water, light, and energy. Cities and other levels of government are starting to make environmental policies and codes mandatory. To be competitive as a real estate professional, it’s important to stay on top of green building innovation, education, and designations.

Homeowners are thinking in the future and greening their homes for better resale value. People are innovating by combining green energy into their design with the goal of achieving the “net-zero” status. There are many financial benefits to strategizing the energy efficiency of your home.
A green home appeals to an extremely wide audience. A greener home means that they are not only doing their part to help the environment but also that they’re reducing energy costs. Green improvements aren’t always attractive but, some of today’s most popular green trends are also some of the most popular home trends.

Today, the size of the family home is getting smaller, which is one of the best ways to reduce carbon footprints. The economy is pointing people to seek a more affordable, smaller home. And then there is the large number of baby boomers looking to downsize to a smaller home that’s easier to manage that is causing this trend. Of course, the “tiny house” movement has spurred the interest also. In order to live in a home that is 400 square feet, it requires a significant amount of energy efficiency and creative space utilization. It significantly cuts down on environmental impact for those who decide to live small.

Better lighting is a popular trend that is great for the environment. Lighting is considered for both aesthetic appeal and the energy efficiency of the bulbs and electricity they’re using. People look for LED and Energy Star lighting. Energy-efficient appliances are more popular than they ever have been and their appearance and design have come into the future for the modern home.

Bamboo is eco-friendly and is an extremely attractive and popular wood, particularly for flooring. Bamboo is made entirely from a renewable energy source and is also a popular choice for cabinets in bathrooms and kitchens. Bamboo is beautiful and sustainable.

Water conservation is an extremely important subject especially with the drought-ridden areas throughout the world. Water conservation features include low-flow toilets, water saving showerheads, timed sprinklers, composting toilets, smart water control, and even smart toilets. Each of these popular features does its part to use water properly and avoid wasting the excess.

One of the fastest growing home trends in the nation is solar roofing. It is an incredible advancement for sustainable roofing and for improved energy conduction. The cost is significantly lower now for solar roof shingles and panels. Consumers can install solar roofing for a new direction in clean energy at a cost that easily pays for itself.

Energy efficient windows to indoor shutters, the most popular window treatment trends are also some of the most efficient trends. Owners will find a vast improvement when they switch to energy efficient windows and window treatments. Most energy efficient windows have tighter seals and a special glazing on the glass that keeps the exterior air outside. Popular window treatments like shutters, blackout curtains, and smart curtains are excellent ways to diminish outside air and light permeation, which can reduce wasted energy and costs.

The world is becoming more and more environmentally aware. Making a home more attractive with the environmental concept and with these eco-friendly trends and improvements, advertising the home as having some of the latest green improvements will easily attract more high-end buyers.
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