Promoting Health And Appearance Is The Primary Objective Of Tree Pruning And Cutting

Trees are considered to be the most valuable contribution of nature to mankind. It gives fresh air, lots of oxygen, food, shelter firewood and lots more. Therefore, it is also your natural duty towards nature to take care of the trees properly. This will not only retain the health of the trees but will also increase the aesthetic value of your property as well as the surrounding landscape.  

For minor and simple tree care or for cutting and pruning small trees can be done by you but for the major and riskier jobs, you will need to call and rely on tree care professionals. It may be an individual or a company but if they are properly trained and have adequate knowledge about tree care then they will restore proper functioning of the tree, ensure the safety of it and its health.  

With timely and proper pruning of the trees, you can ensure that the structure, as well as the growth of the tree, is as desired. Proper pruning of the tree will ensure that:  

· Tree grows in the proper way and towards the right direction  

· The healthy structure of the tree will ensure that the limbs and branches have proper configuration to maintain the structural integrity of the tree ideally.  

· It will also help you to mitigate risk for falling of the dead and decayed branches and broken limbs if you prune trees on a regular basis.  

· It will ensure proper distribution of weight of the entire tree on its roots and stem so that it remains to stand and healthy for many years to come.   

Ensuring proper pruning methods, the professionals will ensure that the trees have proper orientation of weight throughout.  

Different types of pruning

  There are different types of methods followed for pruning a tree. It is only a trained professional that will know about all these methods and follow it according to the need and condition of the tree as well as its branches. Tree pruning should not be taken lightly as this is a combination of art and science that needs significant skill and knowledge to achieve the purpose.   

Some of the main methods of pruning are:


  This is a specific process in which limbs and branches from the trunk of the tree are removed.  


  This is another special process where the tree is reduced and modified so that only its trunk is left and all its branches and limbs are removed.   

Raising and reduction

  This is one last process followed by the tree care professionals that involves the removal of lower branches. It may also involve reducing the size of the tree if necessary to provide clearance for the pedestrians, building and even the traffic.  

No matter whichever method is followed, there are a few things that are required to keep in mind during the process. You can come to know of these factors and information by consulting with a tree care professional in your area or by visiting official websites of reliable and reputed tree care service providers such as band others.  

One important thing that needs to be considered is the time to prune a tree in your premise. According to experts the best time to prune trees is during late fall or winter. This is because this is the season when the trees are usually in a dormant state. This is the most recommended time because the trees are less susceptible and will not cause any harm to the environment or people if it is pruned during this time.  

If branches are removed during this time, trees are also less susceptible to stress and insect infestation. This is because in dormant situationless sap is lost. It means the chances of fungus, insect and other organism making their home in it and in the cut region is minimized.  

However, you must also remember that to promote health and appearance, pruning a tree too much can have adverse effects. That means you will need to follow the proper steps for pruning the trees to make the arduous task simpler and more productive.

These steps include:  

· If you are using a chain saw, make sure that it is away from your face. This will prevent you from injuries as well as the dust and debris from entering your eyes and nose.  

· Make sure that the branches that you cut do not fall on top of your roof, your car or even your loyal and inquisitive pet.  

· Get all your tools and equipment ready and easily accessible before you start the job. The list of tools and equipment will typically include a chainsaw, ropes, a pair of goggles and gloves or even a mask.   

· Cut the tree properly ensuring that the notch is in the direction to which you want the branches or tree to fall.   

· Before you start cutting, determine the angle of the tree and anticipate the direction of fall. You may need to tie a rope in order to control the falling of the branches or even change the direction of fall. After you cut half way through, change the direction opposite to the notch. This will ensure that the tree leans away from you and will not fall on you once you reach near the notch.  

During cutting, you must make sure that the wires and cables are secure and are not pulled down causing disruption in your home as well as in the neighborhood. You should actually run a risk assessment before you indulge with such an endeavor. You must have the correct perception of the height of the tree, depth of the roots, a direction of fall, closeness, and proximity of the boundary walls or roofs of your neighbor’s property, public utility connections, the adjacent trees and much more.  

All these may seem to be tall and tough ask for you. It is for these reasons you will need to hire a professional tree care service so that the risks and results are well taken care of. It will make the entire process easy.


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