How to Handle Waste on a Construction Site

How to Handle Waste on a Construction Site

Construction sites are known to produce a lot of waste. If you own a construction company that deals with building, road or sewer construction, reducing and properly handling the waste should be one of your main concerns. Here are some things to keep in mind. (Image source: bdc network)  

Plan Ahead in Order to Reduce the Materials Needed

All construction projects require a plan. You have to make sure that everything is properly organized, as that will result in fewer mistakes as well as less waste. Your plan should include exact measures for everything you need to do.   

Measure it several times to make sure what the right amount of each material should be. Only then should you order what you need to get the job done. With less unnecessary material, there will be less waste that you need to deal with. This way, you will also save money. Of course, you should order some extras for unexpected problems, but do not order too much.   

Moreover, conduct regular checks in order to see what you have, what you need and whether any of the materials are damaged. To avoid damage, you have to ensure everyone on the site knows how to handle the materials that are being used.  

See Which Materials Can Be Reused

Before you order the materials, you should look into whether they can be reused. Repurposing materials can reduce your need for buying expensive new materials. Finding the right suppliers can make this process much easier. For example, some companies offer take-back programs where you can return or sell back any excess materials.   

You can also try to collaborate with other companies who might be looking for an opportunity to exchange materials. They might have something you need and vice versa. On the other hand, you can save all the unused materials and find them a purpose during another project.   

Also, how you use the materials is also important. First look whether you have any pieces that you can use before you decide to cut a huge piece of lumber or open a new package. Furthermore, think about donating the materials you don’t need to local organizations and charities.  

Recycle What You Cannot Reuse

Materials which you cannot find a new use for should be recycled. Knowing which items can be recycled is vital and here are just some of them. For example, cardboard, paper, and plastic, as well as metal, glass, and wood (which is not stained or painted), can all be recycled.   

Moreover, you can also recycle concrete, asphalt, gravel, bricks and roofing materials. A great approach to recycling would be setting up different bins around the area so that each type of material can have its own designated recycling bin.  

Put Everything Else in a Dumpster

There will always be things that you will not know what to do with. That is why hiring a skip bin might be the best option. Containers come in different sizes and can stay on the site until they are completely full.   

Companies such as Skip Bin Hire can help you find the best containers for your needs. Once the bin is full, it is taken away to a landfill or to a recycling station where the content is divided into groups and then recycled.  

Landfills Are Not a Permanent Solution

Keep in mind that landfills are getting bigger and bigger. They pose health and environmental problems, which is why we have to look for different ways of waste disposal. Reusing and recycling your materials as well as not ordering far too much of it are all great ways to contribute to your community as well as protect your profit margins.  

Educate Your Workers

It is essential that all your workers know about your waste disposal methods. Create a strategy they will all be familiar with. We already mentioned recycling bins – make sure they are color-coded and clearly labeled. Train the employee on how to properly segregate waste or even introduce a team whose responsibility will be to monitor materials and waste.  

Introducing these methods will help you manage waste more efficiently. Moreover, if you care about the environment, people are more likely to work with you, which might be the thing to put you in front of your competition.


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