A Guide to Providing Customer Support to a Large Customer Base for Modern Businesses

It is easy for modern businesses to interact with a large volume of customers at a rapid pace due to the wonders of modern technology and the internet. Companies today can use techniques such as live webchats, SMS messages, emails, voice calls, and messaging on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook to connect with customers and help to resolve any issues they may be having with their products or services.

Businesses’ customer service departments must come across to customers as responsive and helpful so that customers don’t decide to change to using one of their business competitors instead. We have come up with a guide to providing customer service to a large customer base for modern businesses.

Use Variety of Ways to Connect with Customers

Traditionally during the 20th century, businesses were only really able to connect with their customers by telephone or by postal mail and sending letters to correspond with customers. But thanks to the arrival of digital technology and everyone now spending a lot of their time using smartphones daily, there are now a variety of ways that businesses can connect with a large size customer base.

One way that businesses can interact with customers is through the internet and providing customer support to customers through messaging them across popular social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Setting up live webchats on company websites is also an efficient way that businesses can interact with customers in real-time online.

Ambitious businesses looking to retain customers and acquire lots of new customers in a short time period should make the most of live web chats and even look into creating 24/7 customer live chats. Having 24/7 customer supports means customers can have their problems resolved at any time of the day, and this may leave to them leaving higher ratings for a business’s customer service on online customer review forums.

Modern businesses should be aware of the importance of maintaining high standards when it comes to customer service, as unfortunately due to the internet bad news can spread fast and customers will share with others online about any consistent grievances with a company’s customer service team they have experienced.

Consider Using Your Phone In Unique Ways

Another way to connect with customers is by telephone calls. The internet has also revolutionized telecommunications and now businesses can make Wi-Fi calls instead of relying on finding a dependable cellular network signal.

SMS messaging is also an effective way to engage with customers who tend to find themselves glued to their phone’s notifications customers today. To learn some more about SMS customer service and how it works, take a look at Open Phone’s guide to SMS customer service on their blog online.

Put the Customer First

The old adage of putting the customer first still rings true for businesses operating in today’s world. No business will be able to make profits and survive if its customer base feels dissatisfied en masse and it fails to adequately react and come up with suitable customer service solutions.

Make Sure Employees are Able to Work Away from the Office Space

As the pandemic period clearly exemplified, it is easy for many businesses in today’s economy to run efficiently with employees working remotely. So, whether employees work from home, in a local café, at a friend’s house, or in a library, modern businesses should try and make sure their customer service team can work in a remote capacity if necessary and without needing staff to step foot in an office building.

Remote working is also a gift for businesses with large customer bases as it enables them to slace-up at a much lower cost. Employees working remotely save money for growing businesses as expanding remote customer service teams across the globe does not involve them spending lots of money on expensive office spaces in downtown areas where real estate costs come at a premium.

Listen to Feedback from Your Customers and React Accordingly as a Business

One way a business today can ensure that it keeps up to date with customer feedback on its services is by coming up with customer surveys. Effective customer surveys and polls should ask relevant questions to enable a company to measure how customers rate the service they are currently receiving.

Looking at the results of their customer survey, businesses can take any necessary measures to redress the problems customers are flagging up as recurring issues. Any modern business will not be successful if it is seen as being tone-deaf in regards to failing to listen to vital customer feedback.

Dealing with a large diverse customer base is never easy. Having a large customer base may require a business to have a wide range of resources to deal with its customers. Businesses with lots of customers may have to employ a high number of staff to deal with the customer demand, have employees who can speak world languages to provide customer service to a global client base, deal with thousands of queries and complaints on a daily basis, operate complex online and telephone response systems and so on.

But thanks to modern technology and digital communications, dealing with a large client base is much easier and more streamlined today than ever before.


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